Western Canadian Snow Drags Championships (Snowmobiles) February 21 – 22 2015

Western Canadian Snow Drags Championships (Snowmobiles) February 21- 22 2015

The Wetaskiwin Snow Drags have been postponed to February 21 & 22 – waiting for snow!

February 21 – 22, 2015 Location: Reynolds-Alberta Museum Wetaskiwin Alberta


Registration: 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.


Payout: Thousands in Cash Prizes


Start of Races: Noon


Presented by: City of Wetaskiwin, Montgomery Glen Golf and Country Club Tour, Canada’s Aviation Hall of Fame


Supported by: STLESDI Brothers Property Development and Management, Manluk Industries Inc.


For more race details to go Straightline Snowmobile Racing Associate (SSRA) http://www.racessra.com/


Here’s an idea of what the track at the Reynolds-Alberta Museum was like for the Wetaskiwin Snow Drags 2014 event:


The best way to watch this race is to be on the snowmobile the 2nd best way is to volunteer. The Reynolds Alberta Museum in Wetaskiwin needs Volunteers to help with the Snow Drags scheduled for Feb 7 & 8! If you can help contact Dale at dale.quinn@gov.ab.ca or call (780) 361-1351.




Snowmobile/Sled Drag Racing: From a dead stop to being the 1st Snowmobile to cross the finish line is the winner. Snowmobiles are raced on snow, ice, grass & can be converted to run on dry asphalt. A race can consist of 2 – 4 Snowmobiles at the same time. Like regular car drag racing if you jump the start you are disqualified from the race.

The Distance: Snow or ice is 660 feet (one-eighth of a mile). Grass/dirt is 500 feet.


Multiple classes: Race Classes: http://www.racessra.com/ssra_013.htm


International Snowmobile Racing, Inc. (ISR). The ISR uses an established class structure to promote fair competition. There are technical rules for snowmobiles competing in each class.


Race Rules: http://www.racessra.com/ssra_003.htm


For detailed information check out:

Snowmobile Drag Racing – 101



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