Autocross (Solo)

Autocross is a form of motorsport that is designed as safe competition. Autocross is a timed competition in which drivers drive one at a time through a specified course. As an entry-level motorsport it provides a way for drivers to work on control & skill at their own pace. Autocross courses are typically one to two kilometres long marked with traffic cones to work more on driver skill rather than on horsepower. Events are for any classes that allow almost any vehicle, from a bug to a Ferrari.



Atlantic Region Motor Sports Inc.

Atlantic Sports Car Club

Calgary Sports car club

Southern Alberta Solosport Club

Canadian Automobile Sport Club


HADA Motorsport club

Mazda Sportscar Owners Club

Moncton Motor Sport Club

Motorsports Club of Ottawa

Northern Alberta Sports Car Club

St Lawrence Automobile Club

VCMC Motorsport Club

Winnipeg Sports Car Club

Wired Motorsports



Artic Alaska Region

The Sports Car Club of America (SCCA)

Northwest Region Sports Car Club of America

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