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VMN Indoor Kart Racing Series October 3/13 1st race at SPEEDERS INDOOR PROKARTS Calgary was a great success. Everyone that took part said they would be back for the next race Thursday November 7/13 7:00 pm. VMN Indoor Kart Racing Series expects to have 20-24 racers for the November 7/13 race. They will have to qualify for race A or race B there will be trophies for 1st, 2nd & 3rd, in both races. The points will be higher in race A then in race B, everyone is welcome to come-out & watch so if you are unsure about racing this would be a good way to see if you like it.

It started off with a 14 Lap practice with Richard Bonham of Rick_Hard Racing leading the way next was Chris Sun of 2 Soon Racing in 2nd & Dave Jackson of RSC Champ in 3rd. The biggest surprise was the 14 Lap Qualifying was pole won by Todd Christiansen of Poppa Son Racing was last place in practice, next was Chris Sun of 2 Soon Racing & Dave Jackson of RSC Champ in 3rd.

16 Lap Final main race was exciting with the top 4 fitting for position which caused a yellow in lap 6 when Dave Jackson of RSC Champ took first place from Todd Christiansen. From that point Dave Jackson was able to take a jump on the lead with Chris Sun, Todd Christiansen & Richard Bonham pushing for 2nd place. Dave Jackson of RSC Champ was able to hold off  Chris Sun to win. 1st place Dave Jackson of RSC Champ sponsored by www. 2nd place Chris Sun of 2 Soon racing Sponsor: SPEC-R TIRE SERVICES & 3rd place Todd Christiansen of Poppa Son Racing.

The changes for the next race will be more racers, points & video. Cup

VMN Kart Races Series point change # 4

When points were adjusted last time it was to allow 24 racers instead of 20 & qualifying was made so nobody would tank them & main position race points were not increased. Points were posted before the race so the results & points stand as final.

For race # 2 VMN Kart Races Series Main Position Race Points will be increased to 10 points.

Final main races.
Points are awarded as follows:
1st-60 points, 2nd-55 points, 3rd-50 points, then decreases by 2 points up to position 24.

Points are awarded as follows:
1st -45 points (Poll), 2nd -40 points, 3rd -35 points, 4th -33 points then decreases by 2 points back to position 16, then decreases by 1 point.

My excuses for coming in last in place at the VMN Kart Race # 1,  I forgot my lucky rabbits foot & St Christopher’s metal, I was trash talking Dave Jackson yesterday & that is never good he is the trash talking champ, I invited racers & not teenagers, new shoes were too tight, I did not want any of the other racers to feel bad. So all done with the excuses watch out at the next VMN Kart Services race Nov 7/13.


Chris Paavola


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