Evolution Racing Products Announces Major Expansion for 2016

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Statement from Evolution Racing Products:

Airdrie, AB. (March 24, 2016) Effective Immediately, Evolution Racing Products is excited to announce the addition of the Legends Race Cars and Bandelero Race Car Dealerships to their current lines.

We have recently put an agreement in place with Rev’d Up Performance Racecars for the acquisition of the dealership. We want to Thank Ellery Erb and his Family for their past years of dedication and involvement with the Legends and Bandelero Groups. Over the next fews months Evolution will be working closely with Ellery, to ensure the transition goes smoothly for all involved.

Evolution is looking forward to assisting all the new and current racers involved with these already exciting Series’.More news to be released in the near future.

You Can Contact Grant or Rob @ 403-948-5221 or by email @ sales@evolutionracingproducts.com with any questions or requirements.

(From the Office of Rev’d Up Performance)

Rev’d Up Performance Racecars is pleased to announce that the Legends and Bandolero Dealership has been acquired by Evolution Racing Products, effective immediately.

While all of us at Rev’d Up are sad to no longer be able to serve these amazing groups of racers, we are also excited to see Grant Edwards and the entire team at Evolution take both of these series to the next level. By combining Legends and Bandoleros with their already existing lines of Baby Grands, Mini Cups, and Super Late Models, Evolution will become the largest motorsports dealership in Western Canada. This will allow them to leverage a larger purchasing volume to maintain the lowest possible prices for teams. It will also allow for some exciting event and promotional opportunities in the future for all 4 series.

We know there will be many questions, so below are a few we think many people may have that we can address up front:

1. What happens to the Legends and Bando series in 2016? The schedule and series for these two classes has already been finalized and will not be impacted by this change.

2. Where will parts be located? The parts dealership will be moved from Warman, SK to Airdrie AB, into Evolution’s current facility.

Due to the sheer number of races between the 4 series, it will not be possible for Evolution to attend every race with a large parts selection like Rev’d Up has done in the past. Therefore, all teams are advised to stock up on some of the basic parts and work together to help get each other fixed and back on the track.

3. Does this change our race day procedures? The 2016 Driver Handbook has been updated and sent to all teams, with the changes voted in at the 2015 Drivers meeting (double file restarts using the choose rule, running the inverted heat first, and minor corrections and clarifications). The 2016 season will continue to follow this handbook.

4. Will Rev’d Up still be involved in Legends and Bandoleros Rev’d Up will be closing its Warman, SK location, and will no longer provide mechanical and setup services. The team will still be fielding the #21 Legends car and plans to continue long into the future.

As always, Ellery and Blake will always be willing to help other teams whenever possible.

5. What changes will be made to the website and Facebook pages? The website domain www.legendcars.ca will be transferred to Evolution, for its continued use. The Facebook page will go unchanged for the foreseeable future, and will continue to be monitored and maintained by the Driver Reps.

6. How can Evolution be contacted?

You can get in touch with either Grant or Rob at Evolution at: 403-948-5221 Or by email at sales@evolutionracingproducts.com

Rev’d up would like to sincerely thank everyone for their support over the past 5 years! It was an honor to be able to serve so many great teams and build so many friendships.

We look forward to continue to be involved in Legends and continue to see everyone at the track.


Ellery, Gloria, Blake and Jackie Erb

2015 Sep 27 EIR B 117Photo by VelocityMotorsportsNews.com Dale & Grant Edwards at Edmonton International Raceway

Interview with Grant Edwards of Evolution Racing Products

Velocity: “Congratulations on your announcement.”

Grant Edwards: “Thank You.”

Velocity: “I thought you guys have done such a great job with the Baby Grands & Mini-Cups this would be a good fit with the Legends and Bandeleros. I have not heard of the Bandeleros what kind of car are they?”

Grant Edwards: “They are also a Junior Development class, they are a little larger than the mini cup cars, they have a larger motor than the mini cup cars. The mini cup cars have a 13 hp motor & the Bandeleros have a 20 hp motor. The are similar cars with a few slight differences. There is no suspension in the front of the Bandelero where there is in Mini Cup, they are both excellent development cars. The Bandeleros is what 600 racing have been utilizing for several years for their Junior evelopment Program. This is what the past dealer was working with. He got a group going in Saskatoon as that has been their home track over the past few years. There is a approximately 10 running in that area..

Velocity: “I remember back in the Race City days the Legend fields were always great, so you have a lot of cars out there, since Race City closed are the fields still that big?”

Grant Edwards: “Not as big as they were in those days, unfortunately the loss of Race City was a huge hit to Motorsports in general, in the 2008 – 2010 area everything took a bit of a dip. They are recouping now, they are getting a little bigger. They started a new group 2 Years ago up in Hythe just north of Grande Prairie. The group over in Saskatoon has been pretty strong and the Edmonton & Medicine Hat groups have been down a little bit. That is where we are going concentrate all lot of efforts to get the numbers back up. The race cars are still out there, in the Calgary, Airdrie & Red Deer areas. Unfortunately the trend we are seeing is that people are not up to 5-6 hours traveling on a regular basis, they are more comfortable with a home base. That is why we are looking at getting those cars out to Edmonton & Medicine Hat again, that where running out of Calgary.”

Velocity: “The Fire Cracker 50, was that in Saskatoon last year or was that in Edmonton?

Grant Edwards: “It has been in Saskatoon the last several years. It is actually called the Froster 50. It will be running at the Edmonton track this year. Again we are trying to focus on getting some of the cars that are not currently racing back out to the track.”

Velocity: “Do they also run at Medicine Hat?”

Grant Edwards: “Yes they have 2 races there this year.”

Velocity: “We were talking last year, that you were into racing in Ontario?

Grant Edwards: “Yes we are originally from the greater Toronto area, the last place 11 years ago was Port Perry. I use to race 2-3 nights a week in Ontario, previous to that I worked on cars for 18 years for Jr. & Jeff Hanley.

Velocity: “Was that at the Mosport oval?

Grant Edwards: “Yes I ran at Mosport, Kawartha, Flamborough, Cayuga, I think the only track I didn’t ever get to race at in Ontario was the London Delaware track.”

Velocity: “So you did lots of traveling?”

Grant Edwards: “Yes, I did a lot of racing, the last few years there we were running 30-40 nights a season. I always had a hand in the late model & super late model racing world where I came from. When we moved out here I backed out of racing a little bit, it was our son who pulled us back in. My son wanted to do something at the time; he would have been 10 at the time. He wanted to get into motorsports, so we did a year of Go-Kart racing with him; he earned Rookie of the year. We have been always been an oval track family so I looked for oval racing program for Juniors. That is when I discovered the Mini Cups running in the Indiana area. I started working with NC Chassis, we purchased 6 the 1st go-around & brought them up here. That was the start of it, we went around and found families in Vernon, Penticton, Calgary & Edmonton, we kinda got our group going & it has grown into what it is today.”

Velocity: “So it is Saskatchewan & Alberta. Are you getting into B.C. at all or is that later on down the road?”

Grant Edwards: “I would look at any options, I wouldn’t say no, depending on area and interest. I would not put it out there as a show that isn’t a show, to put 3-4 cars on the track I don’t think is a value to anyone at this point. Would we look at adding a new area if the conditions were right. Do I have anything planned in the near future, not at this moment. Right now we are concentrating on getting the cars that are sitting and not racing back on the track & will look at expansion from there.

For more information on the Legends Race Cars and Bandelero Race Cars contact Grant or Rob: sales@evolutionracingproducts.com or 403-948-5221

There are great sponsorship opportunities for the Legends Race Cars and Bandelero Race Cars contact Grant: sales@evolutionracingproducts.com or 403-948-5221


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