ChumpCar returns to Castrol Raceway for the Oil Towns Double Dozen July 30-July 31

24 Hour Oil Slick Chumpcar 066Photo by ChumpCar Canada 24 hour Oil Slick at Castrol Raceway August 1 & 2 2015.

ChumpCar returns to Castrol Raceway 2.7000 km Road Course for two 12 Hour Endurance Races July 30-July 31. Both races run from 9:00 am – 9:00 pm on Saturday July 30 & Sunday July 31. This was a great & fun race last year as it should be great racing again this year. If you have not heard about ChumpCar before it is lower cost effective Road Racing as compared to high performance pro series. It is open to almost all race prepared cars but they have ways to make it fair. A high horsepower car would be penalized with starting many laps down at the start of the race to make it even at the end. If you were to build a car for ChumpCar, it could also qualify to race with the Northern Alberta Sports Car Club (NASCC). After taking the required NASCC schools you could also do their Ice Racing & Road Racing events. If you ever wanted to road race ChumpCar would be a great way to get into it.

24 Hour Oil Slick Chumpcar 04024 Hour Oil Slick Chumpcar 095Photos by ChumpCar Canada 24 hour Oil Slick at Castrol Raceway August 1 & 2 2015.

Online Entries to the races are closed but they will still take Team entries on Friday 1:00 pm – 6:00 pm at Blackjacks 2110 Sparrow Dr, Nisku, AB T9E 8A2 (780) 955-2336 down the road from Castrol Raceway. There is also a novice school at Blackjacks for drivers who have never raced before at 6:00 pm. The best way to watch a race is to be in the car the 2nd best way is to volunteer. It takes many volunteers to run an event & if interested go to Blackjacks Friday 1:00 pm – 6:00 pm. Also if you are not racing this year but are interested in racing in the future, volunteering will give you a good insight.

24 Hour Oil Slick Chumpcar 32624 Hour Oil Slick Chumpcar 337Photos by ChumpCar Canada 24 hour Oil Slick at Castrol Raceway August 1 & 2 2015.

July 30-July 31
ChumpCar CASTROL RACEWAY: Double 12
“Oil Towns Double Dozen”
Spectators Welcome
Saturday July 30
9:00 am – 9:00 pm
Sunday July 31
9:00 am – 9:00 pm
$10 per person per day

24 Hour Oil Slick Chumpcar 1722015 Aug 1 EIR ChumpCar 2935Photos by ChumpCar Canada 24 hour Oil Slick at Castrol Raceway August 1 & 2 2015.

2016 World of Wheels & Shakers 015Photo by 2016 World of Wheels at the BMO Centre

Calgary World of Wheels 2016 Interview with Al Winklemire Chumpcar Driver 711

Velocity: Last year you ran in the ChumpCar Canada 24 hour Oil Slick at Castrol Raceway, this year they are going to two 12 Hour Races, are you running both races this year?

Al Winklemire: We will defiantly do both days.

Velocity: Do travel to other tracks they run on like Mike Elhard does?

Al Winklemire: I have wanted to so badly but the car has always been broken plus you need 4 guys to take the time off work. I haven’t made it happen yet; I really want to, Vegas is one I have been aiming for, as my wife will go then.

Velocity: What kind of car is this?

Al Winklemire: This is a 91 Mitsubishi Eclipse, all wheel drive.

Velocity: What class are you in Chumpcar?

Al Winklemire: I believe it is C Class Chumpcar; they bump it up 1 because I have the turbo. The do Chumpcar based on engine size.

Velocity: Do they penalize you with any laps?

Al Winklemire: No I am right at 500 points so there should be no penalty laps.

Velocity: So you were here last year at the World of Wheels where I met Sal & Wendy of Chumpcar Canada & your back promoting them again this year.

Al Winklemire: I wanted to go in this year but it did not make it in the show. I brought it anyways because I was bringing another car & asked if they had last minute cancellations? They said yes so I was in, otherwise there would be Chumpcar in the show.

Velocity: So you also run in the Northern Alberta Sports Car Club, so how long have you been in racing?

Al Winklemire: I have been Ice Racing for 10 – 11 years & Road Racing since I took the school at 2010 as I wanted to race on the Indy track at Edmonton. Unfortunately I did not race in 2014 & 2015 besides Chumpcar.

Velocity: So are you from Calgary or Edmonton?

Al Winklemire: Edmonton.

Velocity: So how do you like Castrol track?

Al Winklemire: I liked Race City more, Castrol is a track that favors good handling cars more & my car is not one of the good handling cars.

Velocity: So you raced in the 1st Chumpcar at Castrol how did you do?

Al Winklemire: We made it to the last half-hour & then blew the Turbo that spit oil; we didn’t want to catch fire so we called it quits.

Velocity: How many drivers did you have?

Al Winklemire: For the 24 hour we had 6 drivers, would be good after 2 hours you just wanted to get out, as you are tired & hot.

Velocity: So did you have enough fuel to make 2 hours?

Al Winklemire: Yes with the fuel cell we can make 2 hours but I think I can turn the Turbo up & still make 2 hours.

Velocity: Does anyone play on strategy?

Al Winklemire: You have to pay attention to when the lunch trucks for the volunteers come out, because we stayed out when the lunch trucks came out, then it was 15 – 20 minutes of yellow. You might as well do a change then stay out. You win a Chumpcar race by not breaking down & not screwing up you pit stops, part of not screwing up your pit stops is timing them. That has a lot to do with yellows & lunch trucks.

Velocity: I see you have Sponsorship who do you have?

Al Winklemire: Super 8 has been great & have had them for a couple of years now, 711 helps out to but Super 8 is why I am here.

Velocity: For anyone new getting into Road Racing or Chumpcar what would you suggest?

Al Winklemire: The Miata because it is a Spec class in Northern Alberta Sports Car Club (NASCC) & it makes it in Chumpcar also. For just Chumpcar I would say it would depend on the track, some tracks favor handling & some favor horsepower. Castrol is a handling racetrack, The RX7’s, Miatas & BMWs are good handling cars.

Velocity: Thank you.

Al Winklemire: Thank you.

24 Hour Oil Slick Chumpcar 215Photo by ChumpCar Canada 24 hour Oil Slick at Castrol Raceway August 1 & 2 2015.

Last year’s ChumpCar article: Car 53 Tachophobic Racing won the Inaugural ChumpCar Canada 24 hour Oil Slick at Castrol Raceway

2016 ChumpCar EVENTS

August 12
“CS3 Maritime Mayhem at AMP”
Payment Due By: June 13, 2016

August 12-August 14
ATLANTIC MOTORSPORTS PARK: Double 8 and Sprints, $1250
“Maritime Mayhem at AMP (SPRINT & ENDURO COMBO)”
Payment Due By: June 13, 2016

August 13-August 14
“Maritime Mayhem at AMP (ENDURO ONLY)”
Payment Due By: June 14, 2016

September 3-September 4
“End of Summer Motorsport Celebration”
Payment Due By: July 5, 2016

September 5
“CS3 End of Summer Motorsport Celebration”
Payment Due By: July 7, 2016

October 7
“CS3 End of the Season Sprint”
Payment Due By: August 8, 2016

October 8-October 9
“2016 Chumpionship”
Payment Due By: August 9, 2016


Castrol Raceway

Driving directions to Castrol:
Castrol Raceway is located 10 minutes South of Edmonton. Follow Hwy QEII South, take HWY 19 Exit (Nisku/Leduc) West; located 2 kms West on the left hand side.

Northern Alberta Sports Car Club (NASCC)

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