YYC Autocross (Solo) WCMA Championship – June 17/18

Autocross (Solo)

Autocross is a form of motorsport that is designed as safe competition. Autocross is a timed competition in which drivers drive one at a time through a specified course. As an entry-level motorsport it provides a way for drivers to work on control & skill at their own pace. Autocross courses are typically one to two kilometres long marked with traffic cones to work more on driver skill rather than on horsepower. Events are for any classes that allow almost any vehicle, from a bug to a Ferrari.


Southern Alberta Solosport Club

Saturday, Jun 17 — Sunday, Jun 18, 2017

YYC old Park ‘n Jet, Calgary, Alberta


Saturday, June 17 and Sunday June 18

This event is a 2-day/Double WCMA (Western Canada Motorsport Association – www.wcma.ca) Championship event that is co-hosted with the Calgary Sports Car Club.  The days are scored as separate events and can be entered separately as single events.  This, being a WCMA Regional Championship event, no passengers will be allowed during the competition.

Everyone is welcome to attend!  No experience is necessary, however this could be a very good experience for you to learn and run with more people from out-of-town so we would strongly encourage everyone to sign up!

Details on the season championship and other scheduled events can be found here:



Event Registration

All participants are encouraged to pre-register and pay online to help speed registration on event morning.

Members:  $80 (includes WCMA/ASN/SCCA affiliated members) or $100 for non-members of WCMA-affiliated clubs.

NOTE:  On-site payment is $100 members and $120 non-members (cash).  Membership has its perks!

Membership cards are required for discount and will be checked at registration.

A valid driver’s licence is required to participate and will be checked at registration.

An ASN SoloSport Vehicle Technical Self-Declaration form is required at registration…  Download below:


Event Schedule

07:00 am Site opens, course setup, registration, course is open for walks

08:30 am Mandatory Driver’s Meeting

08:45 am Workers to stations and course is closed for walking.

09:00-12:00 pm (approx) Morning competition runs

12:00 – 1:00 pm Lunch and course changes for the afternoon.  Course walks to 12:50 pm only.

12:50 pm Workers to stations.

1:00-4:00 pm (approx) Afternoon competition.

4:00 pm – 6 pm (approx) Tear down course changes for Sunday on Saturday evening.

6 pm – 9 pm Course is open for walking.

Note:  No unnecessary revving of engines or driving on site or in the paddock area prior to competition.


Site Restrictions

As motorsports enthusiasts, it is the goal of the club to not only host motorsports events, but to demonstrate that motorsports activities can be conducted in a responsible, sustainable manner that benefits the surrounding community, and participants everyday driving skills and behaviour. With this in mind, participants and attendees are reminded to be respectful of others, property and municipal ordinances, both on and off the event site. Racing, burning out, stunting, exceeding posted speed limits will not be tolerated.

No alcohol or drugs are allowed on site.

Port-a-potties will be available on site for participant use.

All garbage must be removed from site. Our goal is to leave the venue in the same, if not better condition than we found it.

Any participant not exhibiting good behaviour both on site and off site will be asked to leave and banned from future events.


SASC Sound Policy

In an effort to minimize our impact on surrounding areas and for our workers, the SASC will strictly enforce a 93 dB sound limit at all SASC events. Any vehicle exceeding 93 dB, measured at 50 feet (as per SCCA and ASN Solo Regulations), or showing excessive tire squealing, will be required to stop running.


Any vehicle in excess of the sound limit will not be allowed to run until adequate sound modifications are made.


Rules and Regulations Links









Southern Alberta Solosport Club




Western Canada Motorsport Association (WCMA) WCMA is affiliated to ASN Canada FIA.



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