The Rocky Motorcycle Club 2020 Alberta Oval Ice Racing Championship Series

The Rocky Motorcycle Club is a Non-Profit Organization with an incredible Family orientated feel. By becoming a member of the club you will have access to the Table Top Raceway Track featuring a regularly groomed track, onsite camping, and an enduro cross area. Membership with a Club gives our riders a voice in today’s political environment to advocate for rights for our current riding areas. Having a family or single membership saves on race day fees over purchasing day passes as well. The proceeds from memberships go towards track maintenance, events, and advertising for the Rocky Motorcycle Club.


VOLUNTEER HOURS Earn a Free Membership
Volunteer hours during this season that will be tracked by club members can get you into a free membership for the following season! 10 hours is required to receive a single membership, and 20 hours combined within the family to receive a family membership.

For students wishing to volunteer for course requirements or resume building the Rocky Motorcycle Club will provide a letter on Club Letterhead for validation of hours if requested.



Sunday, January 19 – Mulhurst Bay
Sunday, January 26 – Mulhurst Bay
Sunday, February 2 – Parkland Beach
Sunday, February 16 – Nationals Sylvan Lake
Sunday, February 23 – Sylvan Lake

Registration 8:00am-9:00am
Riders Meeting 9:30am Sharp
Practice 10:00am
Racing Starts 10:30am

No Concession On Site

Gate Fee $5/person -or- Max $15/truck load


1) 450 Intermediate
2) OPEN Expert
3) 250 Novice
4) UTV**
5) ATV 500 & Under Exp
6) Veteran 39+
7) ATV 500 & Under Novice/ Intermediate
8) ATV 500 & OVER Expert/Intermediate
9) Super Newb Bikes
10) ATV Non-Studded Ladies 2WD & 4WD
11) 250 Intermediate/OPEN Novice
12) UTV**
13) 4WD Non-Studded Quad


14) 450 Expert
15) OPEN Intermediate
16) UTV**
17) 2-Stroke
18) 450 Novice
19) ATV Non-Studded 2WD
20) ATV 500 & OVER Novice
21) Women Motorcycle
22) UTV**
23) PeeWee/Youth Quad
24) ATV Exhibition
25) 4-Stroke
26) UTV**


Note that UTV classes will run all 3 heats for each class
Heat #1 – UTV Open Studded. Race Order 4, 12, 16 – THEN 22 (>)850 Class – 26 Ladies Class
Heat #2 – Race Order 4 UTV 900-999 CLASS, 12 1000+ Class, 16 (>)850 Class, 22 Ladies Class, 26 900-999 Class
Heat #3 – Race Order 4 UTV 1000+ Class, 12 (>)850 Class, 16 Ladies Class, 22 900-999 Class, 26 1000+ Class

* 850cc and under class stock units only* 900-999cc class naturally aspirated machines only***

** Race order subject to race day changes due to Racers entered in each class**

The Rocky Motorcycle Club

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