SASC 2018 Winter Driver Training School

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This Southern Alberta Solosport Club (SASC) Winter Driver Training is a school for the general public who want to learn better driving skills under winter conditions. The instructors come from various motorsports backgrounds: Autocross Champions, Formula Car and High Performance Driving Instructors, time attack competitors, Sports/Touring car, Kart Racing, Road Racing and Rally drivers.

New Location:
The first SASC Winter Driver Training this coming Sunday – Jan. 14, 2018. This will be at the YYC/Budget lot just on the north side of the Calgary International Airport. The morning classroom session will be at the Hampton’s Inn on the corner of 100th Ave. NE and 19st. NE – walking distance to the venue.

There are some distinct advantages …. less travel, our cones/equipment are stored on-site (no travel again), heated porta-pottie can be rented, nicer hotels to have the seminar, and lots of restaurants nearby. Also, no big snow drifts that wreak havoc on cars underbody plastic trays and such! No getting stuck in snow banks!

1st trial one: Sunday January 14, 2018 at our YYC lot (north side of the Calgary International Airport on Airport Trail – access via 22nd St. N).

SASC Winter Driver Training Statement:

Cost: $175 adults (max. 2 drivers per vehicle – separate entry fees), $90 for students (with ID).

Introduction: What is Winter Driver Training?

The most danger a driver will face in their life is during driving and especially prior to gaining enough experience in handling adverse conditions such as winter or emergencies.

Our goal is to serve the general public through sharing some of the special driving techniques we have acquired through motorsports/racing experience. The goal is to develop superior car control skills to tackle reduced grip on ice and snow or any other emergency situation all year round. We will improve your driving no matter how experienced you are and we aim to make this a very
pleasant and fun experience driving on the ice!

Where can I attend?


Hampton’s Inn – Airport/Calgary (2021 100 Ave NE, Calgary, AB T3J 0R3) for the morning meeting and presentation
Budget/YYC lot – 2020 Airport Drive NE (1 block from Hampton’s Inn) access via 100th Ave. NE and go south on 22nd St. NE.
Best of all, this location is just on the north side of the Calgary International Airport!

Old Location:

New location but in October no snow yet

Photos by Winter Driver Training

Winter Driver Training School Exercises:

The G-circle is a large diameter circle on the ice during which you can learn some interesting aspects and characteristics of your vehicle and how to anticipate and control those at the limits of adhesion and beyond. We may also use a “figure 8” configuration for the same purposes.

Collision Avoidance
This is an exercise set up to test our reaction response and also to learn what to do in a situation when it is too late to brake for a barrier (could be a child walking or bicycling out from between parked cars, a deer or other (wild) animal coming onto the road at night, or there is ice/snow and it is not possible to stop in time, limited visibility etc.).

Braking Exercise
It is important to know and be familiar with the way your ABS (anti-lock braking system) works so you are not surprised by it when it comes on (winter or summer!). The braking area will be setup separately and some groups will be using it while others are on the skid pads/G-circles and later we will swap so everyone gets equal time at all locations of exercises. The braking exercise is meant to test our braking ability (and the car’s) and get a feel for ABS brakes and how they work and feel like.

This is an exercise simulating a vehicle spinning out of control. We will use your vivid imagination again! Due to the lot configuration and such we may just do a demostration of this technique by instructors but you are welcome to ride along!

The Road Course

We save the best for last!
At the end of the day, we assemble a mini road course using some of the earlier segments but also “open it up” such that the speeds will be somewhat higher and simulate road speeds more closely.

2018 SASC Winter Driver Training Schedule (Proposed)
Updated: Rev 3 January 8, 2017

Jan. 13/18 – Instructor Training and setup
Jan. 14/18 – Sunday – Winter Driver Training 1
Jan. 27/18 – Saturday – BMW Winter Driver Training
Jan. 28/18 – Sunday – Winter Driver Training 2
Feb. 11/18 – Sunday – Winter Driver Training 3
Feb. 25/18 – Sunday – Winter Driver Training 4
Mar. 4/18 – Sunday – Winter Driver Training 5


If you need help with your winter driving this can help!

Sign up here (also click on the link for more information):

Southern Alberta Solosport Club
Sunday, January 14, 2018
YYC old Park ‘n Jet, Calgary, Alberta

Southern Alberta Solosport Club (SASC)

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