2018 SSRA – Straightline Snowmobile Racing Associate

Photo by VelocityMotorsportsNews.com at the La Biche Winter Festival of Speed

Straightline Snowmobile Racing Associate SSRA Statement:
The Straightline Snowmobile Racing Associate was born from the former Saskatchewan Snowmobile Racing Association which was first established in 1967 and that makes us one of the oldest snowmobile racing organizations in the world. The SSRA continues to grow, bringing fair and quality racing to the Pro and the One Day Racer.

Our goal is to support the sport of snowmobile drag racing by keeping it safe, fair and fun for all competitors. ABOUT US There is much involved in the sanctioning of a snowmobile race and the SSRA has the staff and equipment to execute a race in the smoothest possible fashion. Some of the equipment used by the SSRA includes a digital scale for weighing sleds and riders, a Track Mate starting tree and timing system, fuel testing equipment, protective safety vests, back-up starting and finish line systems, generators and various other pieces of equipment to facilitate the registration and operation of a snowmobile drag race. Perhaps the most important is our experienced staff which put these tools to use to help host a successful event.

Photo by VelocityMotorsportsNews.com at the La Biche Winter Festival of Speed

SSRA 2018 Season Schedule

Jan 6 – Fort McMurray -KING OF THE RIVER

Jan 13 – Buffalo Narrows – Battle of The Bay

Jan 27 – Wetaskiwin

Feb 3 – Meadow Lake

Feb 10 – St Paul

Feb 17 & 18 – Janvier – minimum $25,000 payout

Feb 24 & 25 – Lac la Biche – Western Canadian Championships

Mar 11 – Christopher Lake

SSRA Sanctioned Classes These are the standard classes sanctioned by the SSRA for the 2018 season that will qualify for the Points Championship. The Race Director reserves the right to reclassify any sled in the interest of fair competition.

SSRA Classes:

120 CC (Mini sleds)



Classic Super Stock – Sport, Muscle

Amateur Stock – 600, 700, 800, 1000

Stock – 600, 700, 800, 1000, Open Stock

Improved Stock – 600, 700, 800, 1000, Open Improved

Pro Sno – 600, 700, 800, 1000

Open Mod 1000 – 4 stroke turbo sleds allowed, 725 lb min.
weight, stock bore and stroke, 60 mm air
inlet restrictor plate required

Mountain – Mountain Improved, Mountain Open (Max 2 stoke cc’s in Improved is 1000 and stock cylinders must be used)

800 Power Adder (no 4 strokes)

Top 2 Stroke



Dale Roger – Race Director – (306) 240-5373 – dalessra@gmail.com

Sherri Roger – Marketing Director – (306) 819-0453 – dsroger@sasktel.net

SSRA – Straightline Snowmobile Racing Associate

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