Rocky Mountain Motorsports Circuit is Fully Paved!

Photo by Rocky Mountain Motorsports Carstairs Alberta

Rocky Mountain Motorsports Statement:

Rocky Mountain Motor Sports that is now freshly paved and will be ready for public in spring.

Photo by Shawn Bishop RALLYSPORT.CA Rocky Mountain Motorsports Carstairs Alberta

After six years of work getting approvals and permits from Alberta Stakeholders, Rocky Mountain Motor Sports broke ground on a safe, multi-purpose-built facility for S. Alberta and region to enjoy the sport of racing with a world-class 3.5 KM track, 16 turns and 36M of elevation change to a lap last September.

Photos by Shawn Bishop RALLYSPORT.CA Rocky Mountain Motorsports Carstairs Alberta


Rocky Mountain Motorsports (RMM) answered a call for Alberta’s many motorsports enthusiasts who were wanting access to a world-class motorsports facility without having to leave the province.

Started by a group of initial founding investors, RMM started began its journey at this location six years ago to putting the Alberta motorsports community on the map in Western Canada.

Sitting just 25 minutes north of Calgary in beautiful Mountain View County, RMM makes its home just a skip from the town of Carstairs adjacent to the highway 2 corridor—creating easy access from all points of the province.

The 3.5 km circuit is designed by world-renowned race circuit designer Herman Tilke, and boasts 36 metres of elevation change over a lap through 16 turns. This multi-configurational circuit breaks down into smaller West and East sections to facilitate driving education programs, and the ability to host multiple smaller events that may not require a larger circuit.

The development itself will be home to a commercial section, paddock area, and a member garage/car condo development, providing arrive-and-drive versatility and on-site motorsports related amenities. The first phase track construction is a $35 million investment in Alberta and will create 40 jobs initially. As additional phases are added the development will add hundreds of jobs.

RMM will be a home for passionate motorsport enthusiasts of all levels of age and experience, and an exciting range of cars and motorcycles. From exotic hypercars to motorcycles, and vintage racers to daily-drivers, RMM’s circuit is designed to be fun no matter what your vehicle of choice.

RMM will host performance driving schools, car clubs, track days, dealership test drives, and a number of motorsport related events. When there aren’t vehicles on track, you might even see walking and running events, or bicycle racing, training, and leisurely rides. In the winter off-season, RMM is looking at winter driving training opportunities and cold weather testing.

This facility will foster the continued growth of motorsports and related businesses in Alberta, and Western Canada.

Other key factors to this project:

A place for elite and recreational car racing
Emphasis on performance driving schools which are proven to result in less accidents for participants
Are currently in the midst of having long-term discussions with Calgary Police Service on establishing a new officer driver training academy that will meet the current and future needs of the force.
Venue for automotive companies to test drive vehicles performance etc.
The track is located at the intersection of Queen Elizabeth II Highway and Highway 581 (the Carstairs overpass). This is approximately a 20 minute drive north of Calgary city limits, a 120 minute drive south of Edmonton city limits, and approximately a 45 minute drive south from Red Deer.

Rocky Mountain Motorsports

Rocky Mountain Motorsports is a 16 corner 3.5 km RMM Road Course track in Carstairs Alberta. This track for the most part, is a member track that you can purchase memberships. After the track is up & running Rocky Mountain Motorsports should be open to track rentals down the road. There are memberships available contact Rocky Mountain Motorsports for more information:

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