Red Deer Sports Car Club 2024 Autocross Schedule

Autocross (Solo)
Autocross is a form of motorsport that is designed as safe competition. Autocross is a timed competition in which drivers drive one at a time through a specified course. As an entry-level motorsport it provides a way for drivers to work on control & skill at their own pace. Autocross courses are typically one to two kilometres long marked with traffic cones to work more on driver skill rather than on horsepower. Events are for any classes that allow almost any vehicle, from a bug to a Ferrari.

2024 RDSCC Autocross Schedule is finally Official!!!

May 10 TRMS Evening class

May 11 TRMS class on track

May 12 Event 1

May 25 Event 2

May 26 Event 3

June 08 Event 4

June 16 Event 5 (Father’s Day)

June 23 Event 6

July 07 Event 7

August 10 Event 8

August 24 Event 9

August 25 Event 10

September 08 Event 11

September 21 Event 12

September 22 Event 13

September 29 Event 14

October 12 Event 15

October 13 Event 16

October 26 Event 17

Red Deer Sports Car Club

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