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Car ice racing can be the most cost effective racing there is with cars from Chevrettes to Porsches racing in different classes. The main difference is classes is tires from studded & non-studded tires.

What you need to go racing: a car with not too much prep except for safety equipment and the tires you need, a approved helmet & clothing and an ice racing license is available at the Winter Driving and Ice Race School offered by the NASCC that has classroom & track time which is the best deal I have seen racing. Check out there website which has great information on getting into the sport.

Northern Alberta Sports Car Club (NASCC) Statement:


Our Ice race school usually runs in January, while we are scheduled for Jan 13, the weather in early December suggests that date may be delayed. Keep watch here and on our Facebook page for updates.

If you’re interested in joining us on the ice for our lapping sessions or other options, please contact us on social media or via our email address

If you do have a sanctioned ice racing license from previous years please contact us before applying to race. Also, if you have a sanctioned wheel-to-wheel racing license with the WCMA, FIA, NASA or other official bodies and you believe you should be considered for ice racing, please contact us at the above email. Happy racing and see you on track!

Welcome to the Ice Racing and Winter Driving School 2024. You can register at this link

Note this page is currently under construction, and may not be fully updated from 2023 yet. Also keep in mind that weather and ice conditions dictate when and where we will hold the Ice Racing and Winter Driving School.

Please take a moment to read our ice race school document linked here: .This document covers what to expect, how the days are organized and requirements for participation. A track map will be available at the school.

Classroom session – Friday, January 12th, 2024

Held at – Leefield Community Centre, 7910 – 36 Ave NW, Edmonton in Richfield Park, Millwoods.

This year the classroom session will return to being live. Classroom is Friday evening, Jan 12, with registration at 6:15 pm. Then we will begin the presentations at 6:30. Please arrive before 6:15 pm at the Leefield Community Center.

On-track location – Saturday, January 13th, 2023

Held at – Cooking Lake or other location; will be announced at the Classroom session.

Announcing our newest ice race class, Street Safe! We’re excited to bring to you a class that’s easy to access, safe, and best of all, mega competitive!

Racing will be open to all 2WD and AWD cars, prepped to our safety regulations, weighing under 3150lbs running your choice of non-studded winter tire. Our focus has been on keeping it simple, so factory crash protection (no cage), seat belt, helmet and FR coveralls will get you racing along with some basic safety preparation as laid out in the supplemental regulations. The idea is for less than $1500 you should be able to put together a competitive racecar in a day, including the cost of the car.

Make no mistake, this is the most exciting thing to happen to ice racing since ice! Don’t miss out!


For more Racing Information:

Motorsports Volunteers

Get involved in Motorsports!

Ice racing marshals are the Diehards of Motorsport Marshalling

The best way to watch a race is to be in the car. The second-best way to watch is to be a trackside marshal. If you are interested in racing but not sure about driving yourself, being a marshal might be for you. Ice Racing Marshals are there for emergencies and to communicate with racers with flags and to communicate regarding the race with others via radio.

What to expect as an Ice racing marshal: The first thing you need to expect is to dress warmly. Temperatures in Canada and Alberta while marshalling can be anywhere from -5 to –40 Celsius depending on where you are; so dress warmly in lots of layers. You can always shed a layer of clothing if it warms up. Try wearing any other color except white so you don’t blend into the snow bank. If you are new to Marshalling you are on track training with experienced personnel. An average race course is 6 turns and approximately 2 kms long so 20 trackside marshals can cover a racecourse.

You must be 18 years of age to be trackside but if being trackside is not for you there is many other volunteer jobs required to run a race. Non-trackside race positions: timing, pre-grid Pit in & Pit out, Tech, track set-up & clean-up.

For more Volunteering Information:

NASCC 2024 Ice Racing

Ice Racing & Winter Driving School (Jan 12th evening classroom, Jan 13th on ice)

Race 1 Jan 14

Race 2 & 3 Jan 27th & 28th

Race Snomo Days at Alberta Beach Weekend Feb 17th & 18th

Winter Festival of Speed at Lac La Biche Weekend Feb 24th & 25th

(subject to weather & ice conditions)

Sign up for Lapping or Race Ride-Alongs

Northern Alberta Sports Car Club (NASCC)

Western Canada Motorsport Association (WCMA)

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