Northern Alberta Sports Car Club 2020 Revised Race Schedule

Photo by Northern Alberta Sports Car Club (NASCC) at Castrol Raceway Nisku, Alberta

2020 Road Race Season at Castrol Raceway, Nisku.

July 4 – TestnTune/Licensing Track Day & 3 Hr Enduro

July 11 & 12 – Sprint Race Weekend

August 22 & 23 – Speedway Park Revival – Sprint Race Weekend

September 19 & 20 – Split Sprint Race and Endurance Race Weekend

Northern Alberta Sports Car Statement:

Posted on June 5, 2020 by NASCC Admin
Our sincere thanks to everyone who has signed up for the July Return to Racing event.

Unfortunately, due a scheduling conflict for the track that weekend, we have had to shift the event to July 11 and 12. If you need to cancel as a result, you are able to change your registration

on your own at the MSR site. If this date change allows you to sign up, then we are very happy to have you join us.

We have also added a July 4, single day, Test & Tune and Licensing track day.

Come out, shake off the rust, test the car, bring out your endurance racing car and team for a shake down and training experience, or earn a race licence. We will be sending out more messages on this event, as we plan it out.

Photos by Northern Alberta Sports Car Club (NASCC) at Castrol Raceway Nisku, Alberta

Motorsports Volunteers

Get involved in motorsports: volunteer!

Photo by Northern Alberta Sports Car Club (NASCC) at Castrol Raceway Nisku, Alberta

Remember watching racing can fun but being part of the race is even better. So if you are not racing come-out and volunteer the second best way to watch a race, the best way is to be in the car.

Race Volunteers make events happen-from the organizers of the event to the person taking your ticket; it takes a lot of people to make an event work. Road Racing Cars Volunteer Positions: Clerk of the Coarse, Steward, Starter, Chief Coarse Marshal, Corner Captain, Communicator, Yellow Flagger, Blue flagger, Safety, Pri-grid, Pit in & Pit out, Rescue personnel: Ambulance crew, Fireman & Clean-up Crew Tow Truck driver, Pace Car Driver, Timing personnel, Srutineer (Tech), Registration & Back Gate.

One of the coolest ways to volunteer is as a track-side marshal/corner worker. Road course marshals are race personnel that surround the road course track at specified stations that communicate to drivers with flags and each other on radios. These are a committed group of volunteers that with training and experience, can become qualified to work the big professional races like Indycar & Formula 1.

Photos by Northern Alberta Sports Car Club (NASCC) at Castrol Raceway Nisku, Alberta

Hi all, NASCC has been given the all clear to go racing again with some conditions due to the current pandemic. The most important information to know is that NASCC will not be supplying any beverage products nor any lunches, so please bring your own supply.

The July 4th event is a Test n Tune, Licensing Track Day and a 3 Hour endurance race – the link to register is

The July 11-12 is a regular 2 day race event – the link to register is

If you have not already applied for your race official license the link to apply is

If you have any questions, please contact me.

Sue Wilson

Chief Registrar – NASCC

For more information on Racing or Volunteering:

Northern Alberta Sports Car Club (NASCC)

Western Canada Motorsport Association (WCMA)

Castrol Raceway

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