MHDRA Drag Strip June 2020 Update

MHDRA Drag Strip Statement:

June 11 at 1:37 PM ·
Update June 11

Well as everyone is now aware all tracks in Alberta are open so we will be running June 19-21

First everyone needs to go to
and read all policies and procedures put in place as social distancing and Alberta Health Services guidelines are in effect until further notice.

We will have lines on the ground at bathrooms and concession to follow social distance guidelines

In the pits we are asking that it’s vehicle & driver and immediate crew as well as close family only. No friends or spectators will be allowed, no extra campers or camping along return road at this point.

Friday night will be Street Legals only and no other teching will be done

You must go to
and print out a tech card and everyone coming in racer gate needs to do the online waivers. Please fill out tech cards in full before you come to tech as well bring your receipt to show if you have paid for 1 or 2 days to the tech inspector

If you have not done a membership form and want one print off and fill it out and bring with you and we will have a spot at the Toth pit to put them in.

There will be no access to porta potties in the pits we will only have the main one open in the concession area so have your wrist bands on if you want to enter that area and come back to pits as we are not allowing spectators in the pits at this time.

We will not have an ATM on site but will have a card machine at concession and racer gate only.

Spectators are limited to 100 per day so once we are at that number the gates will be locked. As people leave we will unlock the gate to let people out to keep track of numbers also no overnight camping in spectator parking and we will also have spots marked out along the fence spaced apart. No group gatherings at the vehicles other than what came in the vehicle or will have to put everyone in the grandstands to control social distancing.

Spectator price is still $10 for Friday and Saturday and $5 for Sunday

If you have paid membership and we have it on file you will pay member prices. Al non member race prices for this weekend only will be :
Jr Dragster and Jr Street $30
Sportsman. $60
Pro, Super Pro, Motorcycle. $100
For the ones we told to hold off on paying membership your names are at the booth and will get member prices

We know this weekend is going to be a very stressful weekend for all of us so please be patient as it’s going to be a new learning curve for staff and racers. We have put hundreds of hours into even getting the doors open so please work with us under the new conditions

MHDRA Executive

MHDRA Drag Strip

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