Ice Dice on Lake MacGregor for 2024

Winter RallyCross “Ice Dice”
Winter AutoCross is a simplified version of summer AutoCross with the main difference being that it is run on a loose surface aka gravel, ice, snow! AutoSlalom is a course of those highway orange pylons are set out and cars run through the course against the clock for the fastest time. There is no wheel to wheel racing as cars are released onto the course with a safe interval between each car. Since 1954 “Ice Dice” has a history with the Calgary Sports Car Club (CSCC).

Ice Dice 2024 Dates

Sunday, January 14

Saturday, January 27

Sunday, February 11

Saturday, February 24

Subject to Ice thickness

Calgary Sports Car Club Statement:

Cool car cats, here’s the update on Ice Dice.
You all know that the weather has been superb – that is to say, lovely to walk around in and the roads are reasonably safe.
Lake and river ice, however? Not so much. So, we’re here to reassure you that you can sign up for the January 14 event (find it here…/cscc-ice-dice-1-2024…) and if we get a cold snap that increases the ice thickness, the event will be a go, BUT, if we don’t, your registration will be good for any one of the following four events, one of which will be an add-on in March, if the weather is still cold. Ask us anything!
The CSCC (Calgary Sports Car Club) Ice Dice events are now available on

Sunday, Jan. 14, Ice Dice #1

Saturday, Jan. 27, Ice Dice #2

Sunday, Feb. 11, Ice Dice #3

Saturday, Feb. 24, Ice Dice #4

Ice Thickness
There have been a number of reports of people going through the ice in December. We will not run without the ice being sufficiently thick. The minimum ice thickness that we’ll run on is 16 inches as stated in our Safety Plan (…/). Dean measured the ice on the 29th and found different thicknesses, 8 inches where we run and 5 and 12 inches elsewhere.

The forecast calls for a significant drop in temperatures in the 2nd week of January with highs around -10 and lows around -15 (…/14-day…/alberta/milo). If this temperature drop occurs, we should have sufficient ice thickness >16 inches.

Based on that forecast and starting with the minimum ice thickness found of 5 inches, I am forecasting 19 inches of ice on Jan. 14. If the ice thickness is 16 inches or more, we will run on the 14th. If it is not, this event will be postponed to Sunday, March 3, and the other events will run as scheduled. I will keep my eye on the forecast and keep you posted here.
CSCC Ice Dice Director


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