Chase The Cure YEG February 27th & March 6th

We race in honour of those who have fought and won, those who are fighting now and in memory of those we have lost.

Chase The Cure YEG Statement:

Hi everyone!
We have a great big opportunity to help a family and need your help!
First let me tell you a little bit about our addition to our Chase The Cure YEG family.
Dani is a 3 year old boy who in June of last year a month before his 3rd birthday was diagnosed with a Medulloblastoma. Medulloblastoma (muh-dul-o-blas-TOE-muh) is a cancerous (malignant) brain tumor that starts in the lower back part of the brain, called the cerebellum. The cerebellum is involved in muscle coordination, balance and movement.
Dani went for surgery and was to start Chemotherapy shortly after however, he got an infection that put that on hold. He was also supposed to have a stem cell transplant which was cancelled to put in a shunt. Following that the decision was made to start radiation. Dani went through 6 weeks of radiation.
In January Dani was supposed to go for a stem cell treatment however that was cancelled as the MRI showed no change from the radiation treatments.
Dani is in palliative care now at home where his mom and dad are doing all they can to ensure he has the most amazing days while making great memories and creating big smiles!
These treatments and type of tumor have caused some motor skill issues for Dani which limits what he can do right now. That doesn’t stop this fiery 3 year old boy though. He is all about cars, monster trucks and anything that has 4 wheels.

Here is where you all come in!

Good afternoon folks. Next Saturday February 27th at 11am in the Chappell Garden neighborhood, We need some help.We need At least 6 volunteers to hand out flyers to the people on our HOT WHEELS HUNT FOR DANI route to let the neighborhood know what we’re doing. Just so they know why all the traffic is going through their neighborhood on March 6th.
If you can help us out, please send us a message and we will contact you.
Thank you.
Barb & Jim

Hey everyone! Please head over to and click on Dani’s event to let us know you are coming March 6th. Click register now and the RSVP. It will take you to a screen that you will fill in your information.

1) Hot Wheels Collection can be dropped off at 11141-156 Street – West Edmonton Auto Service no later than March 2 so they can be sanitized and packaged up for Dani.
2) Saturday Feb 27 our volunteers will be going to deliver flyers to the neighbourhood residents so they are aware of what is taking place.
3) Sunday Feb 28 between 2 – 4 Jim will be at the Tim Hortons in Spruce Grove at the Westland Market Mall collecting hot wheels toys.
4) March 6 at 12:15pm we will begin lining up on Chapplle Drive headed east in front of George Worthington School. Our loop will take us through Carpenter landing entering in the east entrance and exiting in the west entrance. Watch for the signage and flag people directing traffic into the area. Dani will be seeing your passenger side of the vehicle as you go by.
Any questions please message us to discuss!

Chase The Cure YEG
Graphics & Photos Courtesy of Chase The Cure YEG

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