Rocky Mountain Motorsports Public Hearing and Council for a new Motorsport Facility close to Carstairs Wednesday October 26

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The Rocky Mountain Motorsports project is a Road Course with a 3.3 Mile F2 Track close to Carstairs in the Mountain View County Wessex Area. The use of the track would be for a Performance Driving Schools, Police Training Academy & track rentals that could be used for track days & racing. The track will not include a Drag Strip or an Oval as the decibel limit its too low for this facility. This is also not designed as a spectator facility so you will not see IndyCar or races like that. Alberta is rich with road racing that took a huge hit when Race City Motorsport Park closed. Now road racing is done at Castrol Raceway Nisku, Alberta with the Northern Alberta Sports Car Club (NASCC) & the Edmonton Motorcycle Roadracing Association (EMRA). The Alberta Race Car Association (ARCA) & the Calgary Motorcycle Roadracing Association (CMRA) will now have a place to race again if this goes through. Autocross-Solo competition can also be done on this track.

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The Rocky Mountain Motorsports Public Hearing and Council decision to approve new Motorsport Facility is Wednesday October 26 1:00 p.m. Location: MVC Council Chambers 1408 Twp 320. (Intersection Bergen Rd & Hwy 2A).

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Since the closure of Race City Motorsport Park there has been an increase in illegal street racing. Race City Motorsport Park had a ½ mile high-banked oval, ¼ mile drag strip & 2 mile Road Course, with a Kart track in the south west corner of the property. This closure is a great loss to the motorsport community & legal racers. For people wanting to race legally they must travel to: Drumheller, Medicine Hat, Nisku, Rimby & Wetaskiwin.

2016-july-23-nascc-1705Photo by Northern Alberta Sports Car Club (NASCC) at Castrol Raceway Nisku, Alberta

The only Motorsport Facility to be built since Race City’s closure is the North Star Raceway in Strathmore. North Star Raceway an impressive Kart track used the Calgary Kart Racing Club (CKRC) & Alberta Mini RoadRacing Association (AMRA). At this moment there is no Drag Strip or an Oval track in the works for the Greater Calgary area. I would suggest if there was interest a joint Association should be formed to find & build a Drag Strip & Oval track like Medicine Hat.

2016-may-15-ckrc-1234Photo by Calgary Kart Racing Club (CKRC) at North Star Raceway in Strathmore, AB

2016 July 3 AMRA 412Photos by Alberta Mini RoadRacing Association (AMRA) at North Star Raceway in Strathmore, AB

The Rocky Mountain Motorsports is asking motorsports enthusiasts to express respect to the neighbours. Lets all hope this is possible, and we can get new Motorsport Facility in the Greater Calgary area. So show your support & go to the MVC Council Chambers Public Hearing 1408 Twp 320. (Intersection Bergen Rd & Hwy 2A).

Rocky Mountain Motorsports previously known as Rockyview Motorsports also had a proposed Road Course next to Airdrie. The MD of Rocky View Council refused the Rockyview Motorsports Park Application January 27, 2015.

Another Motorsport Facility in the works is Badlands Motorsport Resort in Drumheller that hopefully will break ground in 2017.

Rocky Mountain Motorsports

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