Rocky Mountain Motorsports Mar 20, 2017 Update

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Rocky Mountain Motorsports Statement:

Rocky Mountain Motorsports is pleased to announce our application with Mountain View County for development of an Advanced Driver Training Complex, Motorsports Park and Commercial Land Development has reached another significant milestone.

On March 8 MVC Council voted to hold a special council meeting on March 29 at 9:00 AM to have the second reading (it requires 3 readings to pass into law) of the Direct Control Bylaw which establishes the governing regulation for the operation of Rocky Mountain Motorsports at our location just outside Carstairs, Alberta.

RMM has been engaged with MVC Council and Administration including active participation of all interested stakeholders for over a year now which has resulted in the final DC Bylaw which we strongly believe MountainView County Council will endorse on March 29th.

Supporters are welcome to join us for this important moment in RMM’s development.

Thank you for your continued support.

RMM Development Team

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Rocky Mountain Motorsports

Mountain View County

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