Medicine Hat Speedway Final Point Races Saturday September 8

Photo by Medicine Hat Speedway

Medicine Hat Speedway Statement:
Every year racer’s normally have two goals. 1) Win at least one main event, 2) win the track championship. September 8th is the show that decides it all with every driver, in every class. If your only able to make one show this year, this is the one you won’t want to miss. What’s going through the driver’s head on the last race? I have all winter to fix it if I wreck it………bring home the trophy or the steering wheel…. or I have nothing to lose tonight……….I have no won a main event this year so if it’s between you and that win…..I can’t make any promises lol. If your the championship points leader going into this race……don’t make any mistakes, race hard, but race smart. What’s the worst thing a racer can do during a race……..think about points lol.

Don’t miss this action-packed show featuring; Renegade Trucks, Evolution Mini Cup, Hobby Stock, Elite Street Stocks, Baby Grands and Modifieds

Get your tickets at DAVIS GMC Dealership in the Medicine Hat or at the gate. $25 for family of (2 adults & 3 kids), $12 for general admission, seniors and students are $10

Photos by Medicine Hat Speedway

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Photos by Medicine Hat Speedway

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September 8th final point race Med Hat Speedway

Medicine Hat Speedway

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