Elhard Motorsports is proud to announce Polaris Canada & Cyleworks MotorSports 2016 Sponsorship

10610879_884958191568576_6643532479953071195_nPhoto courtesy of Elhard Motorsports

Interview with Mr. Motorsport Mike Elhard of Elhard Motorsports & President of the Edmonton Rally Club (ERC)

Velocity: “So you are running in UTV Races?”

Mike Elhard: “Yes I will doing the Series & what is exciting about this is Polaris Canada & Cyleworks is entering the vehicle. They made me their driver for 2016, I am going to be competing everywhere I can in the thing.”

Velocity: “Is it just Ice Racing or are you doing anything else?’

Mike Elhard: “We will doing the entire Rally Cross events with it, 2 Ice Racing Events & a couple demos with the Sports Car Club.

Velocity: “Do you have any other sponsors?”

Mike Elhard: “Yes we are still doing stuff with JetSet Parking. We are doing a promotion with JetSet Parking & the Airport, we are putting a sling shot at the airport.

Velocity: “So you have done a lot of Chumpcar racing last year & looking at doing it this year?”

Mike Elhard: “We are doing some pretty major Chumpcar Races this year, we are planning on doing Road America, Kota in Texas, Daytona & more than anything is the 39 Hour is in Vegas on New Years Eve.”

Velocity: “You mentioned you just won in your class recently where was this?”

Mike Elhard: “We won the EC class at Laguna Seca.”

Velocity: “How was that corkscrew at Laguna Seca?”

Mike Elhard: “It’s terrifying, absolute terrifying, if you get it right it is magic, if you get it wrong you go airborne. We ended smashing our car pretty good, we ended up airborne there in the last session, with 45 minutes to go in the race. We went off course and hit some sand bags & gravel traps. We damaged the car pretty bad, Shawn actually made a piece of cork out of a broom handle & cork our radiator with it. The repair job allowed us to finish the race & win our division.

12647245_1062422560488804_6315219694403775851_nPhoto courtesy of Elhard Motorsports

Cache Lake Endurance Ice Race
Sunday, January 31st. Cache lake

Official classes for the Sandy Beach 4hr Endurance Ice Race:
Saturday & Sunday February 20-21st
Track 2
UTV – SxS Unlimited Studded (1.5hr)
UTV – SxS Studless Rubber (1.5hr)

Edmonton Rally Club (ERC)

January 30th – Practice Event (Not a Rallycross), Roy’s Lake, Stony Plain

Feb 13th – (Special Event – Not a Rallycross) Roy’s Lake, Stony Plain

Feb 14th – Rallycross #1, Roy’s Lake, Stony Plain

Feb 27th – (Special Event – Not a Rallycross) Roy’s Lake, Stony Plain

Feb 28th – Rallycross #2, Roy’s Lake, Stony Plain

Mar 5th – (Special Event – Not a Rallycross) Roy’s Lake, Stony Plain

Mar 6th – Rallycross #3, Roy’s Lake, Stony Plain

Mar 12th – (Special Event – Not a Rallycross) Roy’s Lake, Stony Plain

Mar 13th – Rallycross #4, Roy’s Lake, Stony Plain

May 8 – Rallycross #5, Bill’s Place, Devon

Jun 12 – Rallycross #6, Bill’s Place, Devon

July 10 – Rallycross #7, Bill’s Place, Devon

Aug 14, Rallycross #8, Bill’s Place, Devon

Sept 11 – Rallycross #9, Bill’s Place, Devon

Oct 2 – Rallycross #10, Bill’s Place, Devon

Nov 6 – Rallycross #11, Bill’s Place, Devon

Dec 10 – Rallycross #12, Castrol Raceway, Nisku

Dec 11 – Rallycross #13, Castrol Raceway, Nisku

Edmonton Rally Club (ERC)

Cyleworks MotorSports

Polaris Canada

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