2016 Sandy Beach 4hr Endurance Ice Race February 21

The Pembina Dirt Riders Association voted at their AGM announced they are putting on a 4 hour endurance race including a 2 hour tin man race on February 21st, 2016.

Series: They are running the race under the AEIRA series.

Rules: Adopting the current AEIRA rules but adding their our own requirement to run both front AND rear guards. They will not be providing any specifications on design but will require they are worthy of holding up to a 4 hour ice race.

Classes: Bike Pro, Bike Novice, Quad Open, Tin Man, and Bike AMA Rear. SxS Rubber and SxS Studded

Practice Day: In an effort to promote the sport, there will also be a practice day on February 20th, 2016 the day before the race for new riders to come try it out and for current riders to practice.

Prizes: Due to the short notice, they are keeping everything simple. There will be no t-shirts, no trophies and no prizes but tonnes of bragging rights. They just want to have fun and RACE! Trophies thanks to CJ Campbell Insurance, R and S Network Solutions and Vicious Cycle and Salvage!

Pembina Dirt Riders Association
Home of the NUMB BUM 24 HOUR RACE
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2016 Events:
Sandy Beach 4hr Endurance Ice Race – February 21st, 2016
Practice Day – February 20th, 2016

Pembina Dirt Riders Association Websites:

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