Southern Alberta Solosport Club Revised 2020 SASC Schedule

Autocross (Solo)

Autocross is a form of motorsport that is designed as safe competition. Autocross is a timed competition in which drivers drive one at a time through a specified course. As an entry-level motorsport it provides a way for drivers to work on control & skill at their own pace. Autocross courses are typically one to two kilometres long marked with traffic cones to work more on driver skill rather than on horsepower. Events are for any classes that allow almost any vehicle, from a mini to a Ferrari.

Welcome to the 2020 SASC Championship

We are in the process of revising our application with Fort Macleod and with Airdrie Airpark. We will not be running at Westerner this year due to the compressed timeframe.

2020 SASC Schedule

June 27 Saturday – Fort Macleod – SASC Event #1
July 4 Saturday – Fort Macleod – SASC Event #2
July 5 Sunday – Airdrie – SASC Event #3
July 18 Saturday – Fort Macleod – SASC Event #4
July 26 Sunday – Fort Macleod – SASC Event #5
August 8 Saturday – Fort Macleod – SASC Event #6
August 16 Sunday – Airdrie – SASC Event #7
August 29 Saturday – Fort Macleod – SASC Practice
August 30 Sunday – Fort Macleod – SASC Event #8
September 13 Sunday – Fort MacLeod – SASC Event #9
September 19 Saturday – Airdrie – SASC Event #10
October 3 Saturday – Fort Macleod – SASC Event #11
October 17 Saturday – Airdrie – SASC Bonus Practice (weather pending)
Updated: June 13, 2020
*aside from June 27 event, the remainder of the events are in the process of being booked with the venues, based on current discussions we don’t see any issues with these dates.

Daily Itinerary

Fort Macleod
7:30am – Course Setup
9:00am – On-Site Mandatory Check-In (with timing vehicle) & Vehicle Tech Inspection Close
9:15am – Guided Course Walk (aka Rookie Course Walk)
9:45am – Mandatory Drivers Meeting
10:00am – Timed Runs Begin
~4:00pm – Timed Runs Finish, Takedown & Cleanup

Airdrie Air Park
9:45am – Gates Open and Course Setup
10:45am – Gates Close for entrants
10:50am – On-Site Mandatory Check-In (with timing vehicle) & Vehicle Tech Inspection Close
10:45am – Course open for walking/Guided Course Walk (aka Rookie Course Walk)/Group 1 cars may move to grid
11:15am – Mandatory Drivers Meeting – Group 1 cars must be in grid with all equipment needed to run/Group 1 Workers ready to work after meeting.
11:30pm – First car out, start of timed runs, Gates are reopened for spectator access
5:30pm – Timed Runs Must Finish, Takedown & Cleanup
6:30pm – Everything must be off-site, Runway Now Active

NOTE: Anyone that has not checked in with the timing vehicle prior to 9:00am will not be allowed to run that day, no exceptions. Online registration is different from the on-site check-in with the workers in the timing vehicle.

Championship Format
For those that wish to take part in the championship please read the following. Please note that participation in the championship is not mandatory.

  1. STREET – All street classes
  2. STOUR – All Street Touring (ST) classes, and Solo Spec Coupe (SSC)
  3. PREPMOD – All Prepared classes, Street Prepared (SP) classes, Street Modified (SM) classes, Modified classes and SSR
  5. ROOKIE1
  6. CAM-XS – Classic American Muscle (CAM), XS-A and XS-B classes
  7. A Rookie is defined as someone who is a 1st year regular participant. Previous year random/occasional participation still allows for Rookie qualification. 3rd year participant no longer

qualifies for Rookie, regardless of the number of events. Any 1st year regular participant does not qualify for 2nd year Rookie participation.

Scoring will be based on a best 6 of 11 events. Scoring within each of the above superclasses will be based on PAX/RTP of the applicable class. All of the day’s count as a single event except practice events. There is a minimum requirement of at least 1 score at each venue. Meaning to qualify at the championship you will need to have participated at least at one event at each site.

Southern Alberta Solosport Club

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