Sad day in the motorsport community with a motorcycle racer fatality from an incident at Castrol Raceway

Calgary motorcycle racer Sean Henderson was fatally injured at Castrol Raceway during an Edmonton Motorcycle Roadracing Association (EMRA). The incident was in the afternoon during the Sport Bike Race on the 1st lap. Medical staff were on hand right after the crash, Sean Henderson was then transported to the hospital. Henderson succumbed to his injuries at the hospital, Leduc RCMP were called to the track & have started an investigation, like they do in these cases. This is the first fatality involving an incident in the track’s 26-year history.

Sean Henderson was a member of Savage Sloths race team who has been road racing for at least three years. From all the posting of condolences are coming from all forms of motorsports for to everyone concerned.

Edmonton Motorcycle Roadracing Association (EMRA)

Castrol Raceway

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