Rocky Mountain Rally Radium BC June 3 & 4

Photo by Shawn Bishop RALLYSPORT.CA

Rocky Mountain Rally is a (CRC), (WCRC) & (NARC) Rally

The Canadian Rally Championship (CRC) is Canada’s top tier performance rally series, consisting of seven events spread out across the country. All national level events are broadcast nationally in English on TSN and in French on RDS, as well as internationally in over 89 other countries. Rocky Mountain Rally Radium BC June 3 & 4

The Western Canadian Rally Championship uses a combination of Rally West and Rally Pacific Mortorsport regional events that include both the regional portion of the national rallies as well as standalone regional events. Rocky Mountain Rally Radium BC June 3 & 4

The NARC is a competition designed to stimulate international participation between Canada and the United States. Events counting for this cup are all of the full national championship events in the Canadian Rally Championship and the American Rally Association Championship. National competitors qualify for scoring by running at least one event in both countries .
If a competitor runs only one event in both countries, they can count up to 3 events in one of the countries for a total of 4 events counted.
If a competitor runs at least two events in both countries, they can count 2 to 4 events from either country, up to a total of 6 events counted.
Overall and 2WD awards presented to the top Drivers and Co-Drivers. You can join the long list of North American greats by competing, no registration required.
Rocky Mountain Rally Radium BC June 3 & 4

History of the Rocky Mountain Rally
This quote from Ian McArthurs ‘Early Years’ story is how it all started … it took until 1973, to put it in place.

In 1968 a few of us started thinking seriously about what to do. We came up with three main principles for devising the ‘Great Canadian Adventure’ in the Rocky Mountains. First, the rally had to be difficult and challenging to the driver, the navigator and the car. Second, the route had to really go somewhere. Third, the rally had to create a character of its own to develop a reputation and a following over time.

Rocky Mountain Rally
Spectator Update! Spectators locations will be open on Saturday, June 3 and Sunday June 4!
Download the Spectator Guide below to your phone or print out a copy.
This will give you directions and times of where to watch.

Rocky Mountain Rally
The Rocky Mountain Rally is pleased to be contributing to Radium Hot Spring’s Save our Sheep campaign
Radium’s iconic Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep herd is in danger. Once at 250, the herd’s numbers dropped to 120 in Fall 2021. Between 2021 and the end of 2022, another 14 sheep were killed by vehicle impacts in and around Radium – the majority on the Radium hill south of the village. A number of others were hit by vehicles but able to scramble away, leaving them injured or worse. With the reduction in the speed limit to 70 km/hr, we are hoping that the message is getting out to drivers to SLOW YOUR ROLL to help alleviate further collisions
Join the Facebook page to stay up to date:
A Banff-style wildlife overpass for Radium hill has been approved by the Provincial government and through your support we can help get this overpass built faster & SAVE THE HERD.

Rocky Mountain Rally

Western Canada Rally Championship

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