Rivercity Motors presents the 2019 WCMA.ca High Performance and Competition Licensing School

Rivercity Motors presents the 2019 WCMA.ca High Performance and Competition Licensing School

Northern Alberta Sports Car Club (NASCC) Statement:

We are still here! The NASCC website has been down, and we are still fighting with it, but the Race School is still on, and we have other ways for you to link to it and the information

There are still many spots available in this 2-day school Get in-car coaching and instruction on high performance driving and wheel to wheel racing at the Castrol Raceway Road Course, in Nisku, AB

Improve your current skills

Become eligible for a Race License

Sign up soon, or sign up a friend or family member!

A WCMA/ASN CANADA FIA Sanctioned Event

Register at http://nascc.motorsportsreg.com

Info at Race School 2019 Folder

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Rivercity Motors presents the 2019 WCMA.ca High Performance and Competition Licensing School.

Your Licence to go fast on the Track!

Rivercity Motors presents the 2019 WCMA.ca High Performance and Competition Licensing School.

Your Licence to go fast on the Track!

WCMA/ASN Canada/FIA Sanctioned Event *
This is your opportunity to qualify for a WCMA Amateur Competition Licence for 2019 and beyond.

The Rivercity WCMA.ca High Performance Driving and Competition License School, offered May 25 & 26 2019, is an opportunity to learn high performance driving techniques that are valuable for both racing and when driving on the street, while driving on a closed course race track. It is also the gateway to acquiring a WCMA Amateur Competition Licence.

This school is open to all who have a driver’s licence, or a learner’s permit with permission from both parents.

It is a required school for those who wish to begin road racing, and for those who have not had a WCMA or equivalent competition licence in the past two years. For those taking the school who go on to acquire a race licence we recommend you also read the NASCC Road Racing Tutorial for rookies, also called Road Racing 101. It has much the same information, plus more about racing, race cars, classes, sources of equipment, etc.

The School:
The intent of the school is to provide a fundamental understanding of the knowledge and skills required to drive a closed course race track at high speeds safely and with confidence.

The two day licensing school combines a series of classroom sessions on the fundamentals of high performance driving along with on-track exercises, and full track lapping with an instructor. The classroom sessions discuss technical aspects of high speed driving including topics such as cornering, weight transfer, tire grip and optimization, aspects of track safety including flag recognition, and discussion on car preparation. On-track exercises initially focus on car control, braking, awareness of weight transfer and vision. As the school progresses, you will drive the full track with an instructor to learn the fastest line around the track, shifting and braking points, smoothness, and other essential skills. Between the exercises and the full track lapping, you will be driving your car for at least half of each day.

The Licence:
A Competition Licence is acquired when the applicant submits proof of successful completion of a recognized school, such as the NASCC school, along with a completed application form, an annual waiver and the necessary fees to the Western Canada Motorport Association (WCMA). The WCMA governs driver licensing in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba for Amateur Road Racing as the regional FIA sanctioning body
Contact the Northern Alberta Sports Car Club (NASCC) at: www.nascc.ab.ca to register for the school. On the Home page, click on EVENT REGISTRATION on the top menu bar, and follow the links to

Motorsport Reg (MSR). If you have any questions, please email: nascc.events@gmail.com

You will be providing your own car for the school, and there are some suggestions. It is important that there be a seat for the instructor, so if you plan on bringing a race car, please install a second seat, otherwise it would be best to find another vehicle. A car with a manual transmission is preferred but not essential, as shifting is an important part of track driving. Please do not bring an SUV or a pickup truck, as these vehicles are too large and heavy to safely complete the school. Some Porche and BMW Sport Activity Vehicles may be used, please check with the school registrar through nascc.events@gmail.com

Your car must be in appropriate condition for high speed driving. The interior of the car and the trunk must be cleared of any loose contents, the tires must be in very good condition, with air pressure checked before arrival, and brakes and other mechanical aspects of the car must be in exceptional condition. Please check oil, coolant and all other mechanical aspects of your car before arriving.

Further requirements:
You require a vehicle, a helmet and warm clothes – you will be standing outside on occasion and should dress in layers, so you can adapt to conditions. Wear shoes that are comfortable and not “clunky” in order to feel the pedals. In May conditions are variable, from sleet to baking hot sun, and everything in between. We run in all conditions.

Your helmet:
A Snell approved helmet, with an SA rating, such as SA 2005, SA 2010 or 2015 is preferred, but for purposes of the school only, a Snell approved motorcycle helmet (M) is acceptable. If you are planning on racing, you will need an SA 2010 or 2015 approved helmet for competition. This will be discussed in classroom sessions. Bring snacks and water, lunch is provided.

School registration: $630.00.
Signing up for the school grants you membership in the NASCC for 2018. If you already are a member, please contact the School registrar for a rebate on the membership fee.

You must be a member of NASCC or another WCMA affiliated club to get a race licence. The Licence fee is $100.00 and is paid only when you submit your licence application to WCMA after passing the school. This will be explained during the school classroom sessions; only the School registration fee is payable at this time.

Find Out More:
If you are undecided about racing consider coming out to watch the races on a weekend, or better, to work as a corner marshal. As a Corner Marshall you get a great view of what wheel to wheel racing is all about. If you want advice about what you are getting into come out to some NASCC Club meetings. We meet on the first and third Wednesday of every month, and the club members always welcome new attendees. At the meeting you can also connect with an experienced racer to help you learn the ropes, and anticipate the challenges of going racing.

Let’s go Racing!

Photos by VelocityMotorsportsNews.com Northern Alberta Sports Car Club (NASCC) at Castrol Raceway Nisku, Alberta

For Information on Racing:

Why be a Cowboy when you can be a Marshal at Castrol Raceway!!

Road Racing with the Northern Alberta Sports Car Club at Castrol Raceway in 2019

Northern Alberta Sports Car Club (NASCC)

Driving directions to Castrol:
Castrol Raceway is located 10 minutes South of Edmonton. Follow Hwy QEII South, take HWY 19 Exit (Nisku/Leduc) West; located 2 kms West on the left hand side.

For more information:

Western Canada Motorsport Association (WCMA) WCMA is affiliated to ASN Canada FIA.

Castrol Raceway

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