Lethbridge Sports Car Club Autocross (Solo) 2022 Schedule

Lethbridge Sports Car Club Statement:

Want to experience the full potential of your vehicle’s performance and improve your skills as a driver? Come race with us!

The plan is simple. We want to race locally and more often than has been provided in the past.

We can do this because this club is situated in Lethbridge and focused on amateur motorsports.

Our events provide an opportunity for drivers to learn and improve advanced driving skills and maneuvers and learn about extreme vehicle dynamics. Practice makes perfect so we help maximize seat time at each event.

Anyone is welcome to check out our events and once in the driver seat we know you’ll be hooked. We are fellow gear heads and don’t care what you drive (from rusty daily drivers to high performance racers) so long as your having fun.

We concentrate on hosting Autoslalom events in the spring to fall months and Ice Cross in the winter months.

Come experience the most inexpensive and safe as possible form of motorsport that is as close to being on a race track or circuit for yoursel

Autocross (Solo)

What is Autocross
Sea of conesAutocross is a terrific sport for any car enthusiast.

Also known as Solo 2, Auto-x or autoslalom, Autocross is a timed competition that pits car and driver against the clock on a mini road course laid out with pylons, which was designed by club members. It sends cars out one at a time, and emphasizes driver skill and precise car control over power.Courses vary from event to event, and emphasize both skill and safety. A typical course may be 1.0 to 1.5 km, feature 25–50 changes of direction, and take 55–90 adrenaline filled seconds to complete, with speeds varying from 30 to as high as 120 km/hr.

Autocross is the ideal place for both novice drivers wanting to develop their driving skills and learn more about their car’s handling, and experienced and competitive drivers who wish to push themselves and their cars to their limits. Cars are grouped into classes based on specifications and level of modification—which can run from completely stock sedans and coupes to full race-spec sports cars.

Equipment requirements are minimal:

You only need to bring yourself, and your car, in good mechanical condition and able to pass a basic technical inspection done at the eSaturday vent.
A helmet is required, conforming to at least SNELL M2010 specification. The club has loaner helmets, or you can borrow one from a friend, so newcomers can try out the sport first, and purchase their own helmet once they are hooked on the sport – which won’t take long! Helmet Specifications
Participants must wear seatbelts – your car’s standard factory belts are fine.

Lethbridge Sports Car Club Statement:

All events will take place at the Fort Macloed Airport.

LSCC 2022 Schedule

Saturday May 14

Saturday June 18

Saturday Sunday July 16-17- SUPERWEEKEND returns!

Saturday August 14

Saturday September 24

Saturday October 08

Lethbridge Sports Car Club

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