An interview with a future rising star of the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series Erica Thiering

2015 Mar 6 10639588_1537494103194415_9191239318929451037_nPhoto by H2O Photography Photo Courtesy of Erica Thiering Racing

January 19, 2015 Canada’s Best Racing Team (CBRT) announced:

“Canada’s Best Racing Team Welcomes Erica Thiering”

“Shortly after announcing their Trans Am Series debut, Canada’s Best Racing Team (CBRT) pulls another surprise from their helmet by introducing Erica Thiering from Sherwood Park, Alberta, to the team. Thiering will be racing in the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series alongside team-mate and General Manager of the team, Joey McColm.

“We are very proud to announce the addition of Erica to CBRT. We continue to develop a winning team for our partners to help propel their brands both on and off the track and in a new and interactive manner. Erica is a great fit with her winning personality and drive to be a leader. She will be a welcome addition to our team of professionals,”says Bud Morris, Team Owner.

Thiering began her racing career in 2007 in feature stocks, progressing quickly to the NASCAR Whelen All American Series. In 2014, she debuted in the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series and had two top-10 finishes in the season. As a six-time NASCAR Whelen All American Series Provincial Champion, Thiering is full speed ahead for the 2015 NCATS season.

During a time where more and more female athletes are pushing traditional stereotypes, it seems fitting to highlight the importance and need to support women in the racing industry.

“As a forward thinking team focused on creating awareness about important world issues such as sustainability in auto racing. Introducing a female driver fit perfectly with our team’s core values. There is no doubt that the fan base at racing events across Canada is diverse, and with an increasing number of female fans. CBRT is proud to support a racer and role model, who’s not afraid of breaking barriers and challenging old-fashioned stereotypes. The time for change in the industry is now, and we couldn’t be happier to be the catalyst for that change,” says McColm, General Manager.”

March 6, 2015 Erica Thiering Interview

Velocity said, “Congratulations on last seasons Canadian Tire Series debut, winning a 6th NASCAR Whelen All American Series Provincial Championship & this year’s CBRT Canadian Tire Series full season announcement.”

Velocity asked, “Was that the team you were with last year?”

Erica Thiering said, “No this is a new team”

Velocity asked, “So with all this, what was your favorite part of last year?”

Erica Thiering said, “My first couple races in the Canadian tires Series, most probably the one that was here, it was exciting racing at my home track in front of my fans”

Velocity asked, “Do you still qualify to run for the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series Rookie of the Year since you had some races last year?

Erica Thiering said, “Yes I do. You had to have a maximum of eight races to qualify for rookie of the year. I did not get eight races.”

Velocity asked, “What are you looking forward to this year in the series?

Erica Thiering said, “Excited about being with Canada’s Best Racing Team, lots of opportunity & lots going on with their team. I think it’s going to be exciting with a team mate which, I have never had before.”

Velocity asked, “What are your goals this year?

Erica Thiering said, “I want to finish every race & I want Rookie of the year for sure. If everything goes great I would like to get a Top 10 finish at the end of the year for a points finish.”

Velocity asked, “You are a an accomplished oval racer, looking at the Canadian Tire Series schedule it has quite a few road courses, have you done any road or kart racing before?

Erica Thiering said, “I haven’t done any, but in November I was with Joey McColm & they took me around Canadian Tire Motorsports Park. We will race there on May 17 & they gave me some instruction there. Then I got to drive his car for a couple laps to see what it was like & to see if it was something I was interested in. It was a lot of fun, for racing I might take a school down south before we do it because our first race is a road course.

Velocity said, “I, myself was marshalling at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park (Mossport) before. Talking to the local Calgary Motorcycle racers, they loved Mossport & said it was even faster though, it was a multi elevation track.

Erica Thiering said, “Yeah, I think that is the most exciting thing because it is not just flat, you are going up & down, it’s almost like a roller coaster, that’s how awesome it is.”

Velocity asked, “Do you have a favorite race track or is it your home track Edmonton International Raceway?

Erica Thiering said, “I would have to say my home track because I have been there so much & I have had so much success there. Maybe this year will change because I will be on a couple different ones that I haven’t been on before.”

Velocity asked, “What is your favorite part of racing?

Erica Thiering said, “It would have to be the adrenalin rush, it is not something everyone gets to do. It is more exciting because you are in control, you are pretty much creating your own race, it’s about you & the car which is the most exciting part.”

Velocity asked, “Are you doing any other racing this season at your home track or anywhere else?

Erica Thiering said, “I might do a couple at our track, depending, it does not seem like a very busy season with Canadian Tire Series but most of the races are all out east. I am not sure if I will have time to be around here. I was hoping to get a couple late model races in at one of the tracks they have there.

Velocity asked, “Do you have a primary sponsor for this or is it last years Alberta Has Energy?

Erica Thiering said, “No we haven’t yet, we have a couple on the go, nothing set in stone yet.”

Velocity asked, “If someone wants to sponsor you or associate sponsor you who do they contact?

Erica Thiering said, “Yes that would be Joey McCollum of CBRT.

Velocity asked, “When you started racing in 2006 did you think you would do this as a career?

Erica Thiering said, “Not when I first started, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. I wasn’t overly interested in it but once I got into the car I was hooked.

Velocity asked, “What is your favorite win?

Erica Thiering said, “My first year when I won the championship.

Velocity asked, “Do you have any future goals past the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series? Like Camping World Trucks Xfinty or Sprint Cup?

Erica Thiering said, “I would like to go to Sprint Cup but I think my next step would be the Xfinty Series.

Velocity asked, “Your family founded the Edmonton International Raceway is that how you got interested in racing? Or anyone particular?

Erica Thiering said, “It would have been my Dad, one year they had an extra car and he asked me if I wanted to do it. I said sure why not & then I was hooked after that.”

Velocity asked, “I did an article on the mini cup racing & racers and I asked them who their all time favorite race car driver was & 1 of them said it was you. Who is your all time favorite racecar driver?

Erica Thiering said, “I actually really like Kevin Harvick.”

Velocity asked, “How do you feel about being a role model for younger racers?

Erica Thiering said, “I really enjoy it as I love the kids. I love being a role model for them as I believe in some ways I have changed their lives. I witnessed this when I was kid, as I looked up to people who changed my life. I am so happy to be that person they can look up to now. It is awesome, “honestly”.

Velocity asked, “What is the best way for fans to follow you? Facebook, Website or twitter.”

Erica Thiering said, “ My facebook page:
Canada’s Best Racing Team:
We are also on twitter mine is @EThiering & Canada’s Best Racing Team is @CBRTinc.

Velocity asked, “Is there anyone you want to thank?

Erica Thiering said, “It would have to be my parents of course they have done tons for me & of course everyone who comes out & supports me. My crew, even Joey McColm of Canada’s Best Racing Team has done amazing things for me so far this year.”

Velocity said, “Thanks for your time; I hope to see you myself at the track this year.

Erica Thiering said, “Thank you so much for your time”.

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