Northern Alberta Sports Car Club (NASCC) 2015 Tentative Road Racing Schedule

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Northern Alberta Sports Car Club (NASCC) Tentative 2015 Road Racing Schedule

NASCC has a long history in Motorsports and is the premiere racing club for Road & Ice Racing in Northern Alberta. Western Canada Motorsport Association (WCMA) and has been delegated authority for amateur motorsports in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba by ASN Canada FIA. WCMA is affiliated to ASN Canada FIA. WCMA website: The 2.7km FIA approved road race track at Castrol raceway is very fast with a lot of technical parts to make it a challenge for all drivers & teams to complete a race like this.

If you ever wanted to race before the NASCC Race School May 9 & 10 is one of the best Road Racing Schools that qualifies you for a WCMA Race License. So if you ever wanted to road race this is your chance.

If you are not racing but are interested in getting involved in Road Racing, it takes a lot of people to make an event work. One of those people that make an event happen are marshal/corner workers. The 2nd best to watch a road race is a track-side marshals, the 1 way is in the car. Road course marshals are race personnel that surround the road course track at specified stations that communicate to drivers with flags and each other on radios. These are a committed group of volunteers that with training and experience, can become qualified to work the big professional races like Indycar & Formula 1.

Get Ready for an exciting multi class 2015 NASCC Road Racing Season at Castrol Raceway.

Tentative dates Schedule subject to changes

Race School May 9 & 10

May 30 & 31 Race Weekend 1

June 27 & 28 Race Weekend 2

*Friday eve July 24, Sat July 25 Race Days 3

*LA1k endurance race Aug 1 & 2

Aug 29 & 30 Race Weekend 4

Sept 12 & 13 Race Weekend 5

The dates of these two events could be switched with each other, subject to plans developing for the LA1k

For more information:

Northern Alberta Sports Car Club (NASCC)

Castrol Raceway

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