VMN Indoor Kart Racing 01-02-14 Summary

VMN Indoor Kart Race 01-02-14 Team

The race day started off differently as 2 racers Dave Jackson & Todd Christiansen did not make the race at the last moment. Paul Lamoureux took Dave Jackson’s spot & Devon took Todd Christiansen’s spot which made a fun group of 12 racers. Points leader Chris Sun almost missed the race as he was snowboarding all day at Lake Louse, which did not make a difference on his racing abilities.

The practice was lead by Chris Sun followed by Paul Lamoureux with David Christiansen in third. This was Devon’s 1st time at Speeders and he found the karts faster than expected & hit the wall in the last few laps of practice causing a caution.

Qualifying was lead again by Chris Sun, followed by Paul Lamoureux. But the big surprise was Blair Snow coming in 3rd from 10th place in practice.

I do not see how but Darren Leece lists being a, “competitive eater” as ‘race experience’ but it seems to work for him coming in 4th. Coming in 5th was Doug Chandler followed by David Christiansen in 6th. 7th was Rory Nagassar followed by Robb Leece in 8th. Chris Paavola was 9th followed by Darren Henry in 10th. Lastly was Michael in 11th followed by Devon.

Besides a caution on lap 15 the final race was similar to qualifying except in a couple spots. It was a hard fought race won by Paul Lamoureux followed by Chris Sun with Blair Snow coming in 3rd. Darren Leece coming in 4th followed by Doug Chandler coming in 5th. David Christiansen  was 6th followed by Rory Nagassar in 7th Robb Leece in 8th  followed by Darren Henry  in 9th. Chris Paavola was 10th followed by Michael in 11th ending with Devon 12th.

VMN Indoor Kart Race 01-02-14 Winners

Congrats to Paul Lamoureux on his win, he was asked on the podium if he is going to race Indycar now that he won. (Paul Lamoureux was a champion claimer car driver that went from claimer car to a Sprint car).

See you next race!


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