The Western Canada Ice Race Championship & final NASCC ice race event Feb 27 & 28, switched to Roy’s Lake

Lac La Biche Festival of Speed 156Photo by Northern Alberta Sports Car Club (NASCC) 2015 Western Canadian Championship Ice Racing

Great news after the Lac La Biche Festival of Speed was cancelled due to ice thickness has been switched to Roy’s Lake for The Western Canada Ice Race Championship. Check here for updates. Check back on this site on late Friday afternoon or early Friday evening for the final Go or no go decision, based on ice conditions.

The Western Canada Ice Race Championship (Ice Race 6)

Free to attend for the public!
Come out to Roy’s Lake ( to spectate or compete in your race-prepped car.

Registration/Tech typically open at 9 and first cars out around 10:30.

As usual, they need volunteers. If you were thinking about going to Lac La Biche, come out to this! They need people out for track set-up Saturday at 8:30, Corner worker meeting at 9:45.


Ice racing marshals are the Diehards of Motorsport marshalling!

The best way to watch a race is to be in the car. The second best way to watch is to be a trackside marshal. If you are interested in racing but not sure about driving yourself, being a marshal might be for you. Ice Racing Marshals are there for emergencies and to communicate with racers with flags and to communicate regarding the race with others via radio.

What to expect as an Ice racing marshal: The first thing you need to expect is to dress warmly. Temperatures in Canada and Alberta while marshalling can be anywhere from -5 to –40 Celsius depending on where you are; so dress warmly in lots of layers . You can always shed a layer of clothing if it warms up.

Try wearing any other colour except white so you don’t blend into the snow bank. If you are new to Marshalling you are on track training with experienced personnel.

You must be 18 years of age to be trackside but if being trackside is not for you there is many other volunteer jobs required to run a race. Non-trackside race positions: timing, pre-grid Pit in & Pit out, Tech, track set-up & clean-up.

Become Motorsport Marshalling die-hard!

Events are based on weather permitting & ice conditions.

Northern Alberta Sports Car Club (NASCC)

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