The Baby Grand Canada Northwest Scaled Late Model 2016 Season Opener Feature at EIR

2016 May 30 13325671_10154417768312150_103475838467784919_nPhoto by Lucky 7s Racing

Baby Grand
Car 32 Trevor Sutherland won the EIR Baby Grand 2016 Season Opener Feature Race. 2nd Place Car 22 Michael Kipp. 3rd Place Car 95 James McKennitt.

Photo by Lucky 7s Racing

The Baby Grand Canada Northwest Scaled Late Model is a 2/3 scale replica of a NASCAR Sprint Cup Race Car. Powered by a 1300cc Yamaha engine with a 5 speed sequential transmission, these cars can achieve speeds over 150 miles per hour! These Scaled Late Models are spec cars, meaning all cars are manufactured the same way and must maintain factory specifications. This creates a close and exciting series that depends on drivers skill. With the same size roll cage piping as full size late models, plus all the same adjustment areas, race parts and even a quick change rear end, these cars are fast and safe for all competitors ages 14 and up. Competing door to door throughout Western Canada and Northern United States, the travelling North West Scaled Late Model race series has been a popular show at every track they have visited since we began in 1997. Drivers must adapt to many different track configurations throughout the season which creates an exciting and entertaining race at every venue.

2016 May 30 13307358_10154417756927150_8447884523031330989_nPhoto by Lucky 7s Racing

Edmonton International Raceway May 28 2016 Length 0.2500 mi

Baby Grand

Heat 1
Best lap time 13.761 in lap 4 Top speed 65.402 mi/h By competitor Trevor Sutherland

Position Car Driver Laps
1. Car 22 Michael Kipp 10
2. car 32 Trevor Sutherland 10
3. Car 7 Travis Dolter 10
4. Car 69 Ken Brown 10
5. Car 14 Lee Brown 10
6. Car 44 Doug Voisey 10
7. Car 18 Tyler Emond 10
8. Car 95 James McKennitt 10
9. Car 41 Shawn Deehan 10

Best lap time 13.520 in lap 21 Top speed 66.568 mi/h By competitor Michael Kipp

Position Car Driver Laps
1. Car 32 Trevor Sutherland 30
2. Car 22 Michael Kipp 30
3. Car 95 James McKennitt 30
4. Car 69 Ken Brown 30
5. Car 18 Tyler Emond 30
6. Car 44 Doug Voisey 30
7. Car 7 Travis Dolter 30
8. Car 14 Lee Brown 30
9. Car 41 Shawn Deehan 30
DNF Car 2 Kevin Blunderfield 23

2016 May 30 13325572_10154417750572150_7164995715013717057_n

Photo by Lucky 7s Racing

June 4 & 5, 2016
Hythe Motor Speedway, (Hythe, AB)

Hythe Motor Speedway

Edmonton International Raceway EIR

Medicine Hat Speedway

Baby Grand Canada/Northwest Scaled Late Models Racing

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