The 2016 North American Big Rig Racing starts this weekend!

2016 April 28 1900148_450134985089827_7909348171622966811_nPhoto Courtesy of North American Big Rig Racing

Big Rigs have been racing around Alberta, BC, and Washington since 1989. I remember one of my favorite oval events at Race City Motorsport Park, was the Big Rigs in June at the same time as the Oil show. There was always lots of exciting action & great racing when the Big Rigs was the show. If you get a chance to see them race, you will not be disappointed.

2016 April 28 11026130_571466476290010_6120462384309680692_nPhoto Courtesy of North American Big Rig Racing

Interview with Isaac Harder the President of North American Big Rig Racing Truck # 36.

Velocity: “How many trucks are in the series this year?”

Isaac Harder: “11 in total this year”

Velocity asked: “So how many races do you have this year?”

Isaac Harder: “We have 7 races.

Velocity: “Last year was the 1st year for the Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, you were looking forward to that race, how did it go?

Isaac Harder: “It was a phenomenal race, 1 of the few races where we got to run from green to checker, it was a full hard fought, long race.”

Velocity: “For Calgary fans making a trip to see you race is there a track close to Spokane Washington?

Isaac Harder: “Yes is Stateline in Washington would be 15 minutes out of Spokane Washington.”

Velocity: “So Calgary fans who miss seeing you guys race can go down there or go to Western Speedway Victoria, BC. So is Big Rig Racing packing in the crowds like it did at Race City?”

Isaac Harder: “Right now we are still growing it down here, South Sound Speedway which is just south of Seattle. 1 Year we just blew out their 4th of July attendance, we are always their top 3 of attendance for events of the year. Stateline Speedway we are also 1 of the Top 3 events of the year for the last 6 years, yeah we bring in the crowds, the longer we are there the bigger the crowds.”

Velocity: “So the Bullring at Las Vegas should be great, any other track you can think of you are looking forward to?”

Isaac Harder: “Salt Lake City is almost exactly what Race City was, just newer bigger facility.”

Velocity: “Anything big or particular about last year?”

lsaac Harder: “Last year was probably our worst for rain outs & having to reschedule stuff, that is weather there is nothing you can do about that.”

Velocity: “Anything new this year?”

lsaac Harder: “There is 1 new truck on the circuit this year, truck # 11, they completely rebuilt it & revamped it.”

2016 April 28 295377_248481385255189_1565386845_nPhoto Courtesy of North American Big Rig Racing

2016 North American Big Rig Racing

Aril 30 Race # 1 Saturday 7 PM
The Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway
Las Vegas, NV, United States

MAY 21 Race #2 Satuday 7 PM
Salt Lake City, UT, United States

JUNE 4 Race #3 Saturday 7 PM
Twin Falls, ID, United States

June 18 Race #4 Saturday 7 PM
Stateline, WA, United States

July 9 Race #5 Saturday 7 PM
Ephrata, WA, United States

July 16 Race #6 Saturday 7 PM
Tenino, WA, United States

August 27 Race #7 Saturday 7 PM
Western Speedway Victoria, BC

2016 April 28 11052508_571319476304710_5893777786876288834_nPhoto Courtesy of North American Big Rig Racing

2016 North American Big Rig Racing Sponsors:

Alamo Turbos

Kal Tire

Timberline Oilfield

For Sponsorship information contact:

North American Big Rig Racing

President: Isaac Harder


North American Big Rig Racing

Graphics & Photos Courtesy of North American Big Rig Racing

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