Northern Alberta Mini Stocks (NAMS) 2016

2015 Sep 27 EIR B 636Photo by Edmonton International Raceway EIR

Northern Alberta Mini Stocks (NAMS) races at Sangudo Speedway, Castrol Raceway, Flatlanders Speedway, Edmonton International Raceway (EIR) & Merritt Speedway.

Interview with Ryan Ellis of the Northern Alberta Mini Stocks (NAMS)

20150927_171559Photo by Edmonton International Raceway EIR

Velocity: “So how was 2015, did anything stand out?”

Ryan Ellis: “We raced 8 races at Castrol, 3 races at Sangudo Speedway, 2 races at Rimby & 1 at EIR. We did a fair amount of racing, we also did a trip out to Merritt Speedway in BC & the track in Republic, Washington is Eagle Track Raceway. We had an average of 15 cars per night for a car count, 12 Feature Events that only had 3 yellow flags out of the 12 Features. A good percentage 85% of races are green to checkered flag, we pretty proud of that.”

Velocity: “The EIR races looked like a lot of fun with the large car counts.”

Ryan Ellis: “The Wetaskwin (EIR) show brings a lot of cars, it brings a good mix of cars of Feature & Future Stocks that Wetaskwin produces. It is always a big draw for the mini stocks of Alberta, from Grand Prairie, Hythe region or from the NAMs series itself. We always have a big draw & is the 3rd year of running it. Our 1st year was 18 cars, 2nd year was 22 cars & in 2015 we rounded off with 26 cars. We are getting pretty close hopefully we can roll on the 30 mark in the next couple of years, we will just see how the economy does & our car counts growing.”

Velocity: “EIR seems to be pretty smooth track.”

Ryan Ellis: “The track is alright, it is a perfect sized track for the mini-stocks, it is a very smooth track, they just did the repaving in 2013 – 2014. They did a really great job of paving it, they re-did the whole track, put up a sign, new bleachers, it looks really good there, with the improvements it made it an attraction for cars to come in. With this attraction we are able to bring cars from further away to come & race with us, especially like the show we had the Pumpkin Bowl last year. We put on a pretty good show, we ran quite a few laps quiet a few laps on the 1st green, I believe we ran 48 laps on green, before we took a yellow. My arms were pretty sore, I have never ran a 50 lap feature before.”

Velocity: “It looked like a lot of fun, when you race at EIR it is usually 2 wide sometimes 3 wide but the race was 3-4 cars wide; which was exciting to watch.”

Ryan Ellis: “Us dirt guys don’t know pavement etiquette.”

Velocity: “Your Northern Alberta Mini Stocks (NAMS) championship do you have as a total points race championship or a dirt champion & a pavement champion?”

Ryan Ellis: “Normally what we have done is we have split our class into 2 separate classes, we have what you call the Outlaw class & we what we call a Bandit class. Now the outlaw class is of course a fully built NAMS car modify engine, modify suspension, modified chassis. The bandit class is kind of a dumb down version, a single version of fuel injected, its really cost effective and fun. So what we done we’ve had an all out season champion so that would be Top point, strait across the board. All races of whoever collected the most points wins we’ve had a top Outlet class and a Top bandit we haven’t had quite enough of the pavement races in a season, that kind of separate between a dirt and a pavement champion. Now with that with this new season coming and a lot more interest in developing in pavement programs or were looking at more of a different set-up for next year depending on how many races we get if we get a good amount of races on the pavement it is definitely going to sanction and pavement champion per say at the end of year if it works out that there’s only two, three NAMS pointed on the pavement then we will probably just group them all together.”

Velocity: “Well that makes sense, it looked like you guys were having a blast.”

Ryan Ellis: “Its always fun to go out there and mix it up with the others, some of these guys we don’t race against all the time. It’s always a riot to race against different people and that’s the big thing. Last year we kind of branched off a little bit with traveling and we got to race against different drivers through out Western Canada, North West, North Pacific. There are so many different things and our class is not a cookie cutter class, so get out there and have fun.”

2015 Sep 27 EIR B 578Photo by Edmonton International Raceway EIR

2016 NAMS Schedule

May 7 – Tech Day -Sangudo Speedway
May 7/8 – Clean up weekend -Sangudo Speedway
May14 – Test and Tune – Castrol Raceway
May 21/22 – Sangudo Speedway – Season opener
May 28 – Castrol Raceway
June 18/19 – Sangudo Speedway
July 2/3 – Sangudo Speedway
July 9 – Flatlanders Speedway – No points
July 30/31 – Sangudo Speedway – Mini Mayhem Invitational
Aug 13 -Castrol Raceway
Aug 20/21 -Sangudo Speedway
Sept 3 – Sangudo Speedway-Points race
Sept 4 – Sangudo Speedway – Fun Day – (No Points)
Sept 10 – Castrol Raceway – Season Champoinship
Sept 17 – N.A.M.S Banquet – location & Time -TBA
Oct 1/2 – E.I.R. – Pumpkin bowl – Dirt Vs. Pavement invitational(No Points)
Oct 8/9 – Merritt Speedway – No points

mini stocksPhoto by Tarra Salin of STP Memories Courtesy of Northern Alberta Mini Stocks (NAMS)

2016 NAMS Roster:
2- (R)Chet McCallum
4B- Scott Taylor Morgan
05- (R)Jonathan L.
5 – Chris Oster / Tom Oster
11- Ryan Facca
12 – Lindsey Anne Ellis
13 – Dan Cornelius
18 – (R) Austin Richter
19 -(R) Teppen Racing
20- Cory Friend
20GP – (R)Brittney Anderson
21- Matt Ennis
23- Mike Melnyk
27 – Ryan Ellis
30 – Curtis Ellis
35 – (R) Paul Evenson
43 – (R)Farm Boys Racing
53 – Cole Rogers
55jr – (R)Tom Racing
59 – Clifford R Cardinal
62 – Anthony Scott Viglietti
78- Kris Evans
85 – Cody Bunting
87 – Chris James
91 – (R)John M.L. LaFrance
93 – Ellis Motorsports
97- Trevor Evenson

namsPhoto by Tarra Salin of STP Memories Courtesy of Northern Alberta Mini Stocks (NAMS)

Thanks to Our 2016 Sponsors:
On-site Fire Protection-
C.S.L Group of Companies-
Pop’s Chops
Edson Auto Glass
Superior Paving-Westlock
Grande Tire – Edmonton –
Ellis Mechanical & Transport –
Norwest Cooling systems-
DC Signs & designs
Hot Wheels Kid / Mojo Racing
Dak Enterprise
ProWest Motorsports
A Need 4 Speed Racing Products
Castrol Raceway-
Sangudo Speedway –
Edmonton International Raceway –

Sponsorship information:
Any and all sponsors will have their names on the trophies and will have a spot on our registered car contingency package and will be introduced as one of the Northern Alberta Mini Stocks premiere supporters/sponsors and will have a spot on all Northern Alberta Mini Stocks promotional items including banners, Poster, wraps, etc. Please call Ryan Ellis at (780) 690-1402 or email at

mini stock coverPhoto by Tarra Salin of STP Memories Courtesy of Northern Alberta Mini Stocks (NAMS)

Northern Alberta Mini Stocks (NAMS)

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