NASCC/ARCA Road Race & Marshal Schools April 30 & May 1 2016

2015 July 25 NASCC 1142Photo by at Castrol Raceway Nisku, Alberta

Get your road race license on the Castrol Raceway Road Course, Nisku, Alberta. Sign up for the NASCC / ARCA operated competition license school, and be eligible to earn a WCMA sanctioned amateur road race license. If you ever wanted to road race this is your chance.

School entry fee is $690 and includes a complimentary 2016 NASCC Club Membership.

Registrants will be charged a few days before event starts.

If a registrant already has purchased a 2016 NASCC Club Membership an adjustment will be made.

Instructors can register for Free

To register:

For information

2015 July 25 NASCC 315Photo by at Castrol Raceway Nisku, Alberta

NASCC Marshal School

Remember watching racing can fun but being part of the race is even better. So if you are not racing come-out and be a Volunteer Marshal the second best way to watch a race, the best way is to be in the car.

My favorite way to volunteer is as a track-side marshal/corner worker. Road course marshals are race personnel that surround the road course track at specified stations that communicate to drivers with flags and each other on radios. These are a committed group of volunteers that with training and experience, can become qualified to work the big professional races like Indycar & Formula 1.

20140823_082726Photo by at Castrol Raceway Nisku, Alberta

The NASCC Marshal School will be held at 8:30am at Castrol Raceway on Sunday May 1, 2016.

There are many duties involved with Marshalling.

Here’s some of what you can expect:

Briefings: Morning meetings with all marshals & corner briefing with corner crew.

Equipment check: required equipment & operational

Track check: what to look for & where to look

Safety: what to expect, where are the escape routes

Flags: what do they mean, when to display them, hold or wave & how to wave a flag.

Hand signals: how to communicate with each other when too loud or distance between you.

Radio communications: communicating to control, what are the protocols & procedures.

Track clean-up: equipment & procedures.

Observation: what to look for on cars & rule infractions

Response: sometimes in certain circumstances going to the race car or scene is required, how to respond & when to do so.

Fire extinguisher: Safe operation of a fire extinguisher

What to bring: Layered clothing including rain gear as road racing runs rain or shine (colour white preferred no red or yellow). Food & water stay hydrated.

Corner Crew Positions: Corner Captain/TM/Senior, Communicator, Yellow Flagger, Blue flagger, Safety/Response if required.

Marshal Training is available through the Clubs & Associations contact the club interested in directly.

For information & to register for the NASCC Marshal School

2015 July 25 NASCC 683Photo by at Castrol Raceway Nisku, Alberta

Northern Alberta Sports Car Club (NASCC) at Castrol Raceway, Nisku, Alberta Track Length 2.7000 km

April 30 & May 1 Race License School

June 4 – 5 Race 1 Weekend

July 23 – 24 Race 2 Weekend

August 27 – 28 Race 3 Double WCMA Points weekend

September 24 – 25 Race 4 Weekend

October 1 (Tentative) GT races & maybe more

Northern Alberta Sports Car Club (NASCC)

WCMA has been delegated authority for amateur motorsports in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba by ASN Canada FIA. WCMA is affiliated to ASN Canada FIA.

Castrol Raceway

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