May 12, 2017 Inaugural FIA Volunteers Day

Photo by Northern Alberta Sports Car Club (NASCC) at Castrol Raceway Nisku, Alberta


Racing community comes together for inaugural FIA Volunteers Day

The first ever FIA Volunteers Day took place today (12 May), celebrating the commitment and thanking the individuals who freely give up their time as volunteers at motor sport events.

“It has been wonderful to see so many people around the world engaging with the first FIA Volunteers Day,” said FIA President Jean Todt. “We want to say thanks to the thousands who give their time freely so that motor sport events can happen – without them it simply would not be possible.

“I hope that with support not just from six of our championships, but from the whole community of motor sport, it will encourage even more people to become volunteers.”

FIA, Volunteers, FIA Volunteers Day 2017It was a day that crossed all the wide variety of disciplines in the motor sport world, as six FIA events led the celebrations. At the Spanish FIA Formula One Grand Prix, marshals were invited to meet with the world’s most famous drivers for a once in a lifetime picture, while the FIA Formula 2 championship invited a group of volunteers on a special tour of their garages at the same venue.

In Hungary, the FIA World Touring Car Championship teams and drivers are making it an extra special weekend, with marshals invited to the pre-event press conference in the centre of Budapest, before the two drivers themselves were given a special lesson in how to be a flag marshal.

FIA, WTCC, Touring Cars, Motor sport, motorsport, VolunteersWorks Honda driver Norbert Michelisz, who is racing on home soil in Hungary this weekend, said: “I really appreciate their work. It’s not only about volunteering but volunteering with an attitude of professionalism that makes it much easier for us drivers to cope with certain scenarios on the race track. Wherever we go in the world we always see volunteers being really prepared I know I am in the best hands.”

The stars of the FIA World Rallycross Championship made video messages and posed for photos with the volunteers at the Circuit Jules Tacheny in Belgium, while with the glamourous background of the harbour in MonaMayco, FIA Formula E drivers and officials also came together for a special family photo. Current Formula E and FIA World Endurance Championship leader Sebastien Buemi added, “Thank you very much to all the volunteers in the FIA and around the world, we are very lucky to be racing in an FIA Championship and thank you for your help.”

FIA, Volunteers, FIA Volunteers Day 2017Some of the drivers in the FIA European Truck Racing Championship race in Austria actually began their careers as volunteers, and they met up with the current generation to swap stories. “We know that without the marshals racing would be impossible and we are grateful for the job they do,” said double ETRC champion Norbert Kiss. “We rely on them for so much and quite often they are out of the limelight. Today is a good opportunity for them to be in the focus and celebrate for everything they do.”

With the message of appreciation being spread so widely and in so many different ways, the first FIA Volunteers Day has brought all the motor sport community together, and anyone wishing to find out more about becoming a volunteer is encouraged to contact their local ASN and join the huge network of the FIA.


Transcript of the part one of the Friday Press Conference organised by the FIA for the 2017 Spanish Grand Prix

F1, Formula 1, Motorsport, FIA, Spanish Grand Prix
PART ONE: TEAM REPRESENTATIVES – Cyril ABITEBOUL (Renault), Robert FERNLEY (Force India), Toto WOLFF (Mercedes)

Q: Today is the FIA Volunteers’ Day and there will be a ceremony later this afternoon on the pit straight to honour their contribution to motor sport. Perhaps a word from you all on the work of the volunteers?

Toto WOLFF: Well, we wouldn’t be able to go racing without the volunteers and it’s something that isn’t so visible to the public that with the many devoted and engaged people, all around the world on the racetracks, they enable us to put on a show, so it’s definitely a good little exercise to do and honour them.

Cyril ABITEBOUL: Nothing much to add. Motor sport is a bit strange in that it’s just a few that get elected to race or even be in the garage but it’s a sport that involves a lot of people, whether in the garage, mechanics, at the factory, but also around the track and taking part with the federations around the world. Yeah, it’s a great opportunity to honour their ongoing commitment.

Robert FERNLEY: Yeah, without doubt they are the unsung heroes of motor racing across the board, not just for Formula One. We must remember that they do great work outside Formula One, which we’re very focused on. I think people forget that weekend-in, weekend-out they’re there, so great honour.


Photos by Northern Alberta Sports Car Club (NASCC) at Castrol Raceway Nisku, Alberta

Motorsports Volunteers

Get involved in motorsports: volunteer!

Volunteering is what makes events happen from the organizers of the event to the person taking your ticket; it takes a lot of people to make an event work. In Road Racing my favorite is being a track-side Corner Marshal. The best way to watch a race is to be in the car, kart & motorcyle. The second best way to watch is to be a trackside marshal. If you are interested in racing but not sure about it yourself, being a marshal might be for you. Marshals are there for emergencies and to communicate with racers with flags and to communicate regarding the race with others via radio. With training & experience in regional events you can get you qualified to work National & International events.

Road Racing Cars Volunteer positions:
Clerk of the Coarse, Steward, Starter, Chief Coarse Marshal, Corner Captain, Communicator, Yellow Flagger, Blue flagger, Safety, Pri-grid, Pit in & Pit out, Rescue personnel: Ambulance crew, Fireman & Clean-up Crew Tow Truck driver, Pace Car Driver, Track Announcer, Timing personnel, Srutineer (Tech), Registration & Back Gate.

Road Racing Bikes Volunteer positions:
Race Director, Clerk of the Coarse, Referee, Starter, Chief Coarse Marshal, Corner Captain, Communicator, Yellow Flagger, Safety, Pri-grid, Pit lane marhsal, Rescue personnel: Ambulance crew, Fireman & Clean-up Crew, Track Announcer, Timing personnel, (Tech), Registration & Back Gate.

Kart Volunteer Race Officials Positions:
Corner Marshals, Weigh Scale Marshall, Grid/Pit Marshall, Starting Flagman, Pre-race Technical Inspector, Post-race Technical Inspector, Lap Scoring and Time Keeper, Recovery Vehicle Operator, Waiver and Gate Personnel.

Oval Racing Volunteer positions:
Race Director, Corner Marshals, Rescue personnel: Ambulance crew, Fireman & Clean-up Crew, Tow Truck driver, Pace Car Driver, Track Announcer, Timing personnel, Tech, Registration & Back Gate, Starter Pitlane, Stop & go, Lineups x 3, Pace Car Driver, Clean-up Crew.

Drag racing Volunteer positions:
Race Director, Rescue personnel: Ambulance crew, Fireman & Clean-up Crew, Tow Truck driver, Track Announcer, Timing personnel, Tech, Registration & Back Gate, Starter, Water Box, Pitlane, ET Booth, Lineups x 3, Clean-up Crew.

Alberta Race Marshals (ARM)

Motorsport Volunteers of Alberta

Flag Marshals of the World

WCMA has been delegated authority for amateur motorsports in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba by ASN Canada FIA. WCMA is affiliated to ASN Canada FIA.

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