March 3 2017 Northern Alberta Sports Car Club (NASCC) Statement:

Given the weather forecast and the current track condition along with the visibility issues associated with the weather unfortunately the NASCC has made the hard decision to cancel Saturday, March 4th Ice Racing.

The Ice Race Celebration for Sunday, March 5th is still a go!

The banks are currently too hard to safely race on Saturday, but given the snowfall we will be able to buffer them for Sunday for at least ride alongs and Open Lapping and we will have to see if it will be safe for the scheduled Australian Pursuit on Sunday Morning. Safety has to come first and the hard banks and visibility will be of major concern on Saturday due to the weather forecast.
We still intend to run the full schedule of events on Sunday for the Ice Race Celebration and hope to see everyone out for the event. Remember to put a passenger seat in your race car, bring your extra helmets and all your family friends and helpers. Smokey Mike’s Food Truck will be there and we still hope to have fire pits.

Open Lapping is free for all Volunteers and $20 for anybody else who wants to drive an Ice Racer or Street Car.on the track
The weather forecast looks good for Sunday!

Northern Alberta Sports Car Club (NASCC)

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