Kart Racing at North Star Raceway in Strathmore with the Calgary Kart Racing Club in 2019

Photo by VelocityMotorsportsNews.com Calgary Kart Racing Club (CKRC).

This will be the 4th year for the Calgary Kart Racing Club (CKRC) at North Star Raceway in Strathmore, AB CKRC is a non-profit multi class kart racing club with a long history with members from ages 8 – 60 years old. Come out & see exciting CKRC race events & you will be surprised seeing kids with so much skill already. A lot of great Canadian drivers came from kart racing such as Paul Tracy, Greg Moore & James Hinchcliffe.

If you ever wanted to go kart racing now is your chance. The CKRC have a great way to see if kart racing is for you, ‘Try a Kart’,program designed allows the public to experience kart racing for a small fee. Experience real race karts, with an hour-long classroom instruction & then 3 on track sessions. If you are interested in Kart Racing and would like to talk to someone the CKRC will have a booth at the 53rd Annual Auto Value Parts Stores World of Wheels Feb 22 – 24 2019 at the BMO Centre Stampede Park Calgary Alberta.

Photos by VelocityMotorsportsNews.com Calgary Kart Racing Club (CKRC) at North Star Raceway in Strathmore.


Photo by VelocityMotorsportsNews.com Calgary Kart Racing Club (CKRC) at North Star Raceway in Strathmore.

Volunteer Race Officials
It takes a lot of people to put on an event on; my favorite is being a track-side Corner Marshal. The best way to watch a race is to be in the kart. The second best way to watch is to be a

trackside marshal. If you are interested in racing but not sure about it yourself, being a marshal might be for you. Marshals are there for emergencies and to communicate with racers with flags and

to communicate regarding the race with others via radio. Training is provided by an extremely experienced Race Director Fred Causer & experienced Marshals.

Volunteer Race Officials Positions:

Corner Marshals

Weigh Scale Marshall

Grid/Pit Marshall

Starting Flagman

Pre-race Technical Inspector

Post-race Technical Inspector

Lap Scoring and Time Keeper

Recovery Vehicle Operator

Waiver and Gate Personnel

For more information, contact Fred Causer – Manager Tel (403) 305-9170 Email fredcauser@hotmail.com

Photos by VelocityMotorsportsNews.com Calgary Kart Racing Club (CKRC) at North Star Raceway in Strathmore.

Calgary Kart Racing Club (CKRC): Statement:


Races are held approximately every 3 weeks from May to October. Races are typically one day events, held on Sundays, with drivers meeting commencing at 9:00 AM.

For better competition, some classes are combined to create larger racing fields.

Sprint races typically last 10-15 minutes each, with each class holding 1 practice session, 1 qualifying session and 2 races at each race day event.

Events are usually run rain or shine. In the event of rain, karts are fitted with wet race tires and drivers outfitted with durable rain gear.

2019 CKRC Race Schedule

The 2019 schedule includes 13 races in the CKRC Championship, plus the season ending Enduro race.

Once again we are pleased to be a part of the Alberta Shoot-Out (ABSO), a 4 race series with our sister club from Edmonton (EDKRA).

Event Dates

Race 1 May 5
Race 2 – ABSO CKRC May 25
Race 3 – ABSO CKRC May 26

Race 4 Jun 9
Race 5 Jun 22
Race 6 Jun 23
Race 7 Jul 7
Race 8 Jul 20
Race 9 Jul 21
Race 10 Aug 11
Race 11 – ABSO EDKRA Sep 7 EDKRA
Race 12 – ABSO EDKRA Sep 8 EDKRA

Race 13 Sep 15
Enduro Sep 29 CW
Rain Date 1 Aug 10
Rain Date 2 Oct 6

Photos by VelocityMotorsportsNews.com Calgary Kart Racing Club (CKRC) at North Star Raceway in Strathmore.

Kid Kart Program

Kid Kart is a program in cooperation with ASN Canada where children 5-7 years of age can gain experience with karts and karting at a young age.

No wheel-to-wheel racing takes place but lapping sessions provide the concepts of braking points, lines, handling, etc.

At 7 years old they can enter the Junior 1 race class. Those who own their own Kid Kart can also run on race days during the lunch break. If you do not own your own Kid Kart, we offer specific evenings, called Kid Kart Try A Kart, where you can rent one of our Kid Karts to gauge your child’s interest.

2019 Kid Kart Schedule

Monday Nights:

Monday Nights are regular Kid Kart / Formula Kid Kart (FKK) Nights

Schedule coming soon

  • Statutory Holidays

Wednesday Nights:

Wednesday Nights are Kid Kart Try-A-Kart Nights (Rental Nights)

Schedule coming soon

Calgary Kart Racing Club (CKRC)

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