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Ice Racing 2020

Motorsport ice racing is cars, motorcycles & all-terrain vehicles usually racing on a frozen lakes or rivers in the form of a road course or oval. The sport you can find it is mostly in Canada & the Northern US states where racers still want to want to race when there home race track is full of snow.



Car ice racing can be the most cost effective racing there is with cars from Chevettes to Porsches racing in different classes. The main difference is classes is tires from studded & non-studded tires with the exception of the Chevettes & Neons which have a spec class.

What you need to go racing: a car with not too much prep except for safety equipment and the tires you need, a approved helmet & clothing and an ice racing licence is available at the Winter Driving and Ice Race School offered by the NASCC that has classroom & track time which is the best deal I have seen racing. Check out there website which has great information on getting into the sport:


Ice racing marshals are the Diehards of Motorsport marshalling!

The best way to watch a race is to be in the car, the second best way to watch as race is a trackside marshal and being part of race. If you are interested in racing but not sure about driving being a marshal might be for you. Ice Racing Marshals are there for emergencies and to communicate with racers with flags & to control & with each other on radio.

Speaking with Clem Salcedo NASCC Ice Racing Chief Course Marshal we talked about what to expect as an Ice racing marshal. The first thing is this winter conditions, that in the worst case it could get as cold as –5 to –40c, dress warm in lots of layers so as it warms up you can lose layers when it warms up. Try wearing any other colour except white so you do not blend into the snow bank. If you are new time there is an Ice Racing Marshalling school which like the race school with classroom & on track training with an experienced personnel.

An average racecourse is 6 turns and approximately 2 klms long so 20 trackside marshals can cover a racecourse. Track set-up starts with checking ice thickness for safety first then followed by ploughing out the course. You must be 18 years of age to be trackside but if being trackside is not for you there is many other volunteer jobs required to run a race. Non-trackside race positions: timing, pre-grid Pit in & Pit out, Tech, track set-up & clean-up.

Become Motorsport marshalling Diehard!
2018 Ice Race Supplemental Regulations have been updated on the NASCC website and can be found at

Dates for the Ice Race Season are:

2020 NASCC Ice Racing Winter season dates



NASCC Ice Racing

The NASCC Board of Directors wishes you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We have some important information to share with you. The first being a two-week delay in our Winter Driving and Ice Race School and the subsequent delay of our 2020 Ice Racing season. With our exceeding mild winter the Ice depth is not what it should be for this time of year to safely conduct any activates on our lake. The snow level is also not enough to safely build banks so we have had to make the unfortunate decision to delay everything by two weeks and hope the weather cooperates. For those who have registered for the Winter Driving and Ice Race School as a student of instructor a separate email will come out.

Lac La Biche Winter Festival of Speed

Events are based on weather permitting & ice conditions.

Weather conditions may cause Ice Race date changes, so all other weekends between these dates are alternate dates.

Northern Alberta Sports Car Club (NASCC)

For more information on volunteering from January-March contact: or

2019 Calgary Sports Car Club (CSCC) Ice Dice


Ice Dice 2020



The Rocky Motorcycle Club 2020 Alberta Oval Ice Racing Championship Series

The Rocky Motorcycle Club is a Non-Profit Organization with an incredible Family orientated feel. By becoming a member of the club you will have access to the Table Top Raceway Track featuring a regularly groomed track, onsite camping, and an enduro cross area. Membership with a Club gives our riders a voice in today’s political environment to advocate for rights for our current riding areas. Having a family or single membership saves on race day fees over purchasing day passes as well. The proceeds from memberships go towards track maintenance, events, and advertising for the Rocky Motorcycle Club.



VOLUNTEER HOURS Earn a Free Membership

Volunteer hours during this season that will be tracked by club members can get you into a free membership for the following season! 10 hours is required to receive a single membership, and 20 hours combined within the family to receive a family membership.

For students wishing to volunteer for course requirements or resume building the Rocky Motorcycle Club will provide a letter on Club Letterhead for validation of hours if requested.



Sunday, January 19 – Mulhurst Bay

Sunday, January 26 – Mulhurst Bay

Sunday, February 2 – Parkland Beach

Sunday, February 16 – Nationals Sylvan Lake

Sunday, February 23 – Sylvan Lake

Registration 8:00am-9:00am

Riders Meeting 9:30am Sharp

Practice 10:00am

Racing Starts 10:30am

The Rocky Motorcycle Club

British Columbia

“Cars On Ice” Central British Columbia.


The Winnipeg Sports Car Club


Thunder Bay Autosport Club

The Toronto Autosport Club


Saskatoon Sports Car club


International Ice Racing Association



New York

The Adirondack Motor Enthusiast Club

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