Evolution CupCar Series Hythe Motor Speedway Announcement

11921707_510255065817174_2005170834679285954_nPhoto by Lucky 7s Racing

Evolution Cupcar Series Statement:
September 18, 2015
“We are very pleased to announce the Evolution Cupcar Series has been added to another home track at the Hythe Motor Speedway for the 2016 race season!!! We now cover all pavement facilities accross Alberta! 3 tracks with 4 total Championships available in 2016. Welcome to the Cupcar family.”

11990385_511419742367373_4154311269509264796_nPhoto by Lucky 7s Racing

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If you have never seen Evolution Cupcar Series (Mini Cup Car Series) I would suggest making it out to see the last race weekend of this season! There are 2 championships to be decided, there will be exciting racing with these young racers.

2015 Aug 1 EIR ChumpCar 311Photo by VelocityMotorsportsNews.com Edmonton International Raceway (EIR)

2015 Aug 1 EIR ChumpCar 1728Don’t miss the EIR Octoberfest big race weekend for their last race event of this season!

Next Race: Sept 26 & 27 Edmonton International Raceway

Edmonton International Raceway EIR

After Evolution Cupcar Series is complete, 3 Teams & Cars on going to Californa & 10 Teams & Cars going to Las Vegas in October.

For more information on the Evolution Cup Car Series or Baby Grand Racing contact Rob Hamilton: rob@evolutionracingproducts.com or 403-948-5221

There are great sponsorship opportunities for the Evolution Cup Car Series contact Rob Hamilton: rob@evolutionracingproducts.com or 403-948-5221

Evolution CupCar Series

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