Evolution Cupcar Series 2019 Schedule

Photo by VelocityMotorsportsNews.com Edmonton International Raceway (EIR)

Evolution CupCar Series are Mini Cup Cars that are 1/2 scale stock cars built just like the Monster Energy Cup cars you see on TV. It is a class specifically designed for youth ages 9 to 16. These race teams are different than Nascar as crew chief and crew are made up of family. Mom, dad, brother & sister these are families having fun at the race track. They are also out helping each other, if a car breaks you have other teams helping out to make sure no kid misses a race. With Mini CupCars & Baby Grand Cars the whole family can go racing & with this group that’s exactly what they are doing. This is one of my favorite oval classes, it is great to see these young people getting faster & improving their skill. If your kid wants to go racing this might be the right class for them with the specs being even racing & the safety of the cars.

Photos by VelocityMotorsportsNews.com Edmonton International Raceway (EIR)

Evolution Cupcar Series 2019 Schedule

May 25 Edmonton International Raceway

June 15 Edmonton International Raceway

July 6 Edmonton International Raceway

July 6 & 7 Hythe Motor Speedway

July 13 & 14 Medicine Hat Speedway

July 26 & 27 Edmonton International Raceway

Aug 10 & 11 Medicine Hat Speedway

Aug 10 & 11 Hythe Motor Speedway

Fri Aug 16 Wyant Group Raceway

Aug 24 Edmonton International Raceway

Sept 7 Medicine Hat Speedway

Sept 21 Edmonton International Raceway

Sept 29 & 30 Edmonton International Raceway

Photos by VelocityMotorsportsNews.com Medicine Hat Speedway

For more information on the Evolution Cup Car Series or Baby Grand Racing contact:

Evolution Cupcar Series

Edmonton International Raceway EIR

Medicine Hat Speedway

Hythe Motor Speedway

Wyant Group Raceway

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