Chris Paavola Bio

Road Racing: Car

Marshaling: Yellow, Blue, White & Flagger, Communicator, Corner Captain, Chief Coarse Marshal, Marshal Training Director/Instructor, Safety & took Steward Course.

Mossport 96-97 Full season, Shannonvillie 97, Race City 1998 – 2011 Full seasons.

Toronto Indy 97, Vancouver Indy 98, Edmonton Indy 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009, 201 1, 2012.

Canadian Grand Prix F-1 Montreal Quebec 2013

W.C.M.A. Licensed: Chief Course Marshal, Safety & Steward.

Former President of Alberta Race Car Workers Association ARCWA

W.C.M.A. 1999 Worker of the Year

Road Racing: Motorcycle

Marshaling: Yellow Flagger, Corner Captain, Chief Course Marshal

Safety (Rescue), Starter & Clerk of the Course.

Mossport 96-97 Full season, Race City 1998 – 2005 Full seasons.

Oval Racing: Car

Safety (Rescue), Tech, Line-ups, Yellow Flagger, Stop & Go Pace Car Driver & Starter.

Volunteer & Race Instructor Race City 1998 – 2011 Full seasons.

Stock Car Driver: Claimer Class Raced 2001 – 2011.

Former President of Calgary Oval Racing Association CORA

CORA 2010 Appreciation award

Drag Racing: Car & Motorcycle

Race City 1998 – 2009 Full seasons.

Safety (Rescue)

2008 Drag Worker of the Year

Calgary Sports Car Club

Rally & Solo 2 raced in 2001

Kart Marshaling:

Yellow Flagger, Corner Captain

Race City 2012

Racing: Grand Prix Indoor Racing & Speeders Raced in Series

Outside of racing a married father of 2

Occupations: President of, Sponsorship Agent, Advertising Sales, Photographer, Dispatcher & Professional Driver.