Cache Lake Endurance Ice Race Sunday, January 31/16 Spedden, Alberta

Cache Lake Endurance Ice Race

Motorcycle, Quad & UTV Ice Racing event for Sunday, January 31st. Cache lake is located 2 miles south of the town of Spedden, Alberta. 2 tracks running at the same time. There is a newly renovated hotel/restaurant/gas station right on highway 28 in the town. Spedden is approximately 1.5 hours Northeast of Edmonton on Highway.

Part of the AEIRA Endurance Ice Racing series:

Track 1 Motorcycle/Quad: 4 Hour team race classes, Bike Pro, Bike Novice, Quad Open & AMA Legal Stud Rear Tire. 2 Hour classes: Melisha.

Track 2 (UTV): Track 1 Motorcycle/Quad: 4 Hour Class Rubber Tire Side X Side. 2 Hour Class Unlimited Side X Side (Studded).

For those that don’t want to try their first race in amongst the experienced bike and quad riders, we will be holding a 45-minute novice race before the main event. All equipment rules will apply. As first time riders, transponder rental will be free.

A big thanks to Cycle Works Motorsports for sponsoring the trophies for the two UTV classes for the Cache Lake endurance ice race!!!

Interview with Jeff Ryll promoter of the Cache Lake Endurance Ice Race Sunday, January 31/16 Spedden, Alberta.

Velocity: “So is this a group project or are you doing this on your own?”

Jeff Ryll: “Myself and the gentleman that has the local motto cross track in Spedden Cycle Works Motorsports B3 Motto Cross.”

Velocity: “So you are having 1 big motorcycle & quad race with multiple classes at the same time.”

Jeff Ryll: “Exactly so the way we do our starts is we have Lemans Start, all the machines are shut off, the riders have to stand 15 ft in front of the machine. Then the ref blows the whistle, so then they have to run over and plug in their kill switch, start their machines & way they go. This done with the intent of NOT having everyone in the 1st corner, where as if we did a full motto-cross start & just giver, it would be total carnage. Motto-Cross tires it is one thing but with Ice Tires you do not want the 1st wreck in the 1st corner. So with the Lemans start you very rarely have guys 4 wide in the 1st corner. So you could have 6 starts going in 40-45 second intervals, bike pros will go, bike novices & then the quads will go, and with whatever classes you have.

Ice Race Start:

Velocity: “How big is the course or is it built yet?”

Jeff Ryll: “The rules state a minimum of 6 Klms, so on a normal 6 hour track most guys stick close to that. If you do not peak ice conditions which means you do not have a lot snow we have guys plough up to 10 to 11 Klms on the ice. There is no stipulation on length except minimum in a 6 hour race just because as crazy as it sounds bikes will develop a rut that can be a foot deep in the ice, if the track is too short, it gets beat up a lot more.”

Velocity: “So you are you running 2 tracks at the same time?”

Jeff Ryll: “We are running 2 tracks & 2 races at the same time the UTV’s are on the other track.”

Velocity: “Can you use volunteers & are you the contact?”

Jeff Ryll: “Yes we can use volunteers and yes I am the contact.”

For Sponsor & Volunteer information: Contact: or 780-573-9587

Please check out their Facebook page link below!!!

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