An Exciting Season of Oval Racing Planned at Medicine Hat Speedway in 2016

2015 July 5 MHR 1752Photo by Medicine Hat Speedway

Get into Oval Racing at Medicine Hat Speedway

2015 July 5 MHR 925Photo by Medicine Hat Speedway

Hobby Stock Racing level:
Racing level: Entry level

2015 July 5 MHR 2074Photo by Medicine Hat Speedway

Renegade Trucks Race
Racing level: Intermediate, Expert

2015 July 5 MHR 1642Photo by Medicine Hat Speedway

Elite Street Stocks
Racing level: Expert

Racing level: Novice, Intermediate, Expert/Professional

IMCA Modified
Racing level: Expert/Professional

2015 July 5 MHR 1193Photo by Medicine Hat Speedway

Baby Grands
Racing level: Novice, Intermediate, Expert/Professional

2015 July 5 MHR 485Photo by Medicine Hat Speedway

Mini Cups
Racing level: Beginner, Novice

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Interview with Medicine Hat Speedway Elite Street Stock Driver Car 6 & club President Rick Jondreau. Rick is a 10 year volunteer at the Brooks Fire Department, Training & awards for the jaws of life for rescue very passionate about rescue.

Velocity: “Last year when I came out to the track it was a great event & your people were a great help. One thing I always tell people if you are not racing, come-out & volunteer. The best way to watch a race is to be in the car, the second best way is to be a volunteer & involved in the race. Do you have a volunteer contact or would that be you?”

Rick Jondreau: “A lot of that falls on me right now, we are just setting up some emails, just because a lot of us volunteer for more than one thing plus I have a day job. 1 of our directors has volunteered to work with our website designer to set up email links to some of our board members. Mine is just as good as I can forward them depending on what they are interested in.”

Velocity: “So does your rescue team have special training & are they volunteer also?”

Rick Jondreau: “Yes Bud’s Auto Service, they took all the rescue training and this will be there 19th year.”

2015 July 5 MHR 3146Photo by Medicine Hat Speedway

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Velocity: “Your sponsor stay in Medicine Hat do they have special deals to come & see the races?”

Rick Jondreau: “Yes they advertise it as ” ” which is the Medicine Hat Accommodations Association which is a group of hotels. So you can just go to their link it gives you a list of their hotels or you can call any of those hotels, tell them you are with the Speedway & they will give you a discounted rate. Three of the hotels have ride along packages you can book which include hotel room for 2 for the night, free race tickets on Saturday, ear plugs & 2 ride along cards. Book in advance, get your family out for the night, go to the races, stay in Medicine Hat then you come back the next morning, for your ride along. I have a 2 seater, you probably saw that when you were out. I did a ride along in my car; we did it during intermission when you were there. You can book ride along packages with the hotel. We put the family in 1 at a time in the car, take some pictures, put them on the website & email pictures to them. Depending on how many cars, we might be able to do some side by side with passengers in the car.”

Velocity: “After what happened with Race City it is great to see how much support you got from the city, how long your agreement with them?”

Rick Jondreau: “We have another 13 years on our lease.”

Velocity: “That is great after Race City closing I would say having a home track is great.”

Rick Jondreau: “I was very passionate about trying to break Race City track records. One track record no one will be able to take away from me is Race City’s which is now gone. The Track Record was in IMCA Stocks. It ways a crazy fun place to race, defiantly missed by a lot of us. I got nominated to run for President of the club a few years back. It was 2 years of back & forth with the city, it was a tough negotiation to get the 15 year lease with the city. It was because the water park in Medicine Hat closed their doors, left their assets & the city spent point three million cleaning it up. So our lease went up significantly, plus they added a $4500 environmental fee yearly. As you can imagine how hard it is for a small non-profit club to have to pay the environmental fee in the event if we went out of business & they have go back & reclaim the site. That was 1 of the big things was negotiating a 15 year lease on our 30 year anniversary 2 years ago.”

Velocity: “Congratulations on that, from a person who has to travel many miles for Oval Racing due to my home track Race City being gone & it does not look like an oval track will return. Also being a former Oval Racing Association President it is quite an accomplishment to get that. Is there one particular race that will be special to be at?”

Rick Jondreau: “July 16 & 17 Double Header we are doing a 2 day show, it is a Fan Appreciation race with our locals: Hobby Stocks, Renegade Trucks, Elite Street Stocks plus the Evolution Cup Cars & IMCA Modified. We get gifts & donations during the year from all the racers, sponsors & local business. We giveaway what amounts to thousands of dollars in gifts, we give away some yearly passes & tickets to all the fans for that 2 day show. That is definitely a good one to get into.”

Velocity: “For anyone interested in sponsorship people should give you a call?”

Rick Jondreau: “Absolutely, of course sponsorship & the support we get from the city of Medicine Hat is what keeps us running. We are all volunteers; we are a member run non-profit organization which has been in business now for 32 years, which is incredible.

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2015 July 5 MHR 1203Photo by Medicine Hat Speedway

Velocity: “I always got a kick out my road racing buddies tell me oval racing is easy as all you have to do is turn left, we both know it takes a lot more than people think to be fast.”

Rick Jondreau: “That is why we also do a radio show Thursday before every race 8:00 a.m. on 102 radio in Medicine Hat we do a call in show, we talk about the upcoming race, then we give away a ride along to a fan. During the intermission I come-out with my Street Stock with a 2 seater, strap them in, take a bunch of pictures, then I buzz them around the track for 5-6 fairly wide open laps. After that we let them go off into the crowd it is pretty cool to seem them go tell the crowd “those guys are crazy.”

2015 July 5 MHR 914

Photo by Medicine Hat Speedway

2016 Medicine Hat Speedway Race Schedule

MAY 28, 2016
Classes: Legends, Hobby Stocks, Renegade Trucks & Elite Street Stocks

JUNE 11, 2016
Classes: Hobby Stocks, Renegade Trucks, Elite Street Stocks, IMCA Modifieds & Evolution Cup Cars

JUNE 25, 2016
Classes: Hobby Stocks, Renegade Trucks, Elite Street Stocks & IMCA Modifieds

JULY 09, 2016
Classes: Hobby Stocks, Renegade Trucks, Elite Street Stocks & Baby Grands

JULY 16, 2016 – Fan Appreciation
Classes: Hobby Stocks, Renegade Trucks, Elite Street Stocks, IMCA Modifieds & Evolution Cup Cars

JULY 17, 2016 – Fan Appreciation
Classes: Hobby Stocks, Renegade Trucks, Elite Street Stocks & IMCA Modifieds

AUGUST 06, 2016 – Darryl Adams
Classes: Hobby Stocks, Renegade Trucks & Elite Street Stocks

AUGUST 20, 2016 – Polar Pop with Mac’s
Classes: Legends, Hobby Stocks, Renegade Trucks & Elite Street Stocks

SEPTEMBER 10, 2016
Classes: Hobby Stocks, Renegade Trucks, Elite Street Stocks, Evolution Cup Cars & Baby Grands

SEPTEMBER 24, 2016
Classes: Hobby Stocks, Renegade Trucks, Elite Street Stocks & IMCA Modifieds

Gates open 5:00 P.M.

Racing at 6:45 P.M.


DAY SPONSORS: 102.1 CJCY, Chat 94.5, Cheer’s Neighborhood Pub, Cloverdale Paint, Davis GMC Buick, Iron Horse Energy Services, Just Smok’n Eavestrough, Mac’s, My96FM, Rodeo Ford,

ALL OTHER SPONSORS: Action Auto Parts Plus, Alberta Motor Association, Bill’s Garage (Brooks), Brooks Industrial Metal, Bud’s Auto Service, Burnco Rock Product, Canadian Energy, Classic Hot Shot, , Dynamic Industrial Solutions, Gary’s Mobile Auto Service, Gas On Broadway, H20 Water Haulting, Heinwell Consulting LTD, Hirsch Signs & Silkscreening, Icy Mountain Water & Ice, Kost Fire & Safety,
Lurch’s Winchin, Medicine Hat Motorsports, Peerless Products LTD, Richard Young Trucking Ltd., Robertson Implements, Safety Boss, Snap On Tools, Sonic Paint & Body, Southland Power Sports,.


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