19991 Saturn SL 2 Caged with racing seat for sale or trade for VelocityMotorsportsNews.com Sponsorship

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19991 Saturn SL 2 Caged with racing seat & blown transmission
Due to medical reasons I am not allowed to race or marshal this season. I was planning on throwing in a 5 speed transmission & racing the car in the Edmonton ChumpCar race, then Ice racing it in the winter. Since I am not able to race this season if someone wants to fix the car & race. It would be free based on VelocityMotorsportsNews.com Sponsorship. The deal is still available if someone takes the car, cuts the cage & takes out the racing seat based on VelocityMotorsportsNews.com Sponsorship. Otherwise car is for sale for $250. If interested in the car or cage & seat email cpaavola@velocitymotorsportsnews.com or call 587-349-2520.

2015 SEP 4 CAR 24

My old Race City Claimer car 24 is on it’s way North to be a top part of Stacker Race car at
Edmonton International Raceway EIR

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